Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Hexagon Shaped Boxes Review

Best Selling Wooden Hexagon Shaped Boxes Review

cdar Bird Feeder High Capacity Hexagon Shaped Roof Exquisite Solid House Idyllic Wood Creative Bird Nest Feeder Box for Garden Outdoor Wooden Color
  • 🕊️[Exquisite and transparent] The bird feeder has a transparent window, you can observe whether the seeds are enough to feed the birds.
  • 🕊️[Shield from wind and rain] The bird feeder has a hexagonal roof, which can block rain and sunlight well.
  • 🕊️[High-quality material] The bird feeder is made of wood, strong and durable, beautiful, delicate and comfortable.
  • 🕊️[Perfect size] The bird’s nest is 20cm long and 26cm high.
  • 🕊️[Scope of application] Suitable for garden, outdoor, courtyard, family and daily use, it is the best gift for children.
Strova Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Wedding Ring Box for Couples – Engraved, Hexagon Shaped with Soft Pillow Cushion Designed for Proposal, Ceremony, Bearer, Display or Personal Jewelry Storage Organizer
  • DESIGNER MR. AND MRS. RING JEWELRY BOX – This beautiful, rustic wooden ring box for men and women is a wonderful way to propose to someone special, use a ring bearer box during the ceremony, or keep those wedding rings safe and organized at home.
  • SOFT JEWELRY CUSHION – Inside each vintage wedding ring box you’ll find a plush cushion that helps gently protect your rings and jewelry from scratches and scuffs. Just the right size for Mr. and Mrs. wedding rings.
  • UNIQUE HEXAGONAL DESIGN – A more fun and original design over a traditional square ring box or round ring box our rotating hexagon shape turns in 360◦ and has a magnetic closure to give it a special look and feel that really stands out.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT FOR NEWLYWEDS – This engagement and proposal ring box also makes a perfect gift for friends or family who are about to get married or just tied the knot. Surprise them with this wooden wedding ring box to inspire years of happiness together.
  • BEAUTIFUL WOOD CRAFTSMANSHIP – Our wedding ring boxes are made with genuine, high-quality wood and boast smooth, sanded edges and an engraved top that’s perfect for your bedside table.
Hexagon Wooden Planter Box for Succulents - Pallet Wooden Centerpiece Planter Box – Premium Wooden Vintage Box for Succulents, Herbs and Flowers – Distressed Gray Décor
  • FARMHOUSE DESIGN: Add a touch of style and personality to your home using our outstanding wooden planter! The hexagon shape and distressed wood design look lovely in any setting so you can enjoy a lovely plant centerpiece at home.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our vintage planter is made of 100% natural wood. This durable and long-lasting material is perfect for interior design. It is handcrafted by experts using top techniques resulting in a breathtaking farmhouse home décor piece like no other.
  • SPECIAL DÉCOR: Use our hexagon-shaped planter centerpiece for succulents, flowers, and herbs! Add your favorite plants and make unique combinations that will look stunning on a coffee table or kitchen countertop. This wooden gray box can also be used for potpourri and candles.
  • UNIQUE STYLE: Our amazing decorative planter features a dusty gray color with a distressed white finish. The wooden piece has different grain patterns, stains, chips, and breaks for an original farmhouse design.
  • BEAUTIFUL PRESENT: Order this outstanding hexagon wood planter box for yourself or as a lovely housewarming present for your family and friends. Surprise them with a unique piece of décor that they can customize by adding their favorite flowers, ornaments, and candles.
Personalized Glass Ring Box,Glass Wedding Ring Box,Geometric Ring Bearer Box,Hexagon Shaped Ring Box,Jewelry Box with Flower Ring Holder,Wedding Gift (with date)
  • You are purchasing the box with preserved flower,green plants and wooden ring holder, No rings are included.
  • Diameter : 10cm*8.7cm*6cm
  • Box Material: Glass/Copper
  • Please type custom intitals and wedding date into the customization box
  • Our processing time is aout 3-4days,and the delivery time is about 18-30days to arrive.
Wall Shelf Set of 6 - Rustic Wood 3 Hexagon Boxes and 3 Small Shelves for Free Grouping Driftwood Finish
  • 1.THE RC ADVANTAGE: Constructed of solid wood ,lightweight and sturdy, Simple classic structure, Beautiful antique color .A strong rustic style.
  • 2.EASY TO USE: Features Hexagon Boxes and U shelves combination to meet diverse needs and flexible wall mounting. lightweight yet sturdy, each wood shelf holds up to 11lbs; easy to install.
  • 3.FLEXIBLE: Features square and U shelves combination to meet diverse needs and flexible wall mounting, suit for grouping together or hang separately. displaying collectibles, arts, crafts, picture frames, house plants, stuffed toys in living room, bedroom, office or for home supplies in bathroom or kitchen
  • 4.SIZE:16.5x14.5",14.5x12.5",12.5x10.8",9.5x2.8",8.5x2.8",7.5x2.8".Depth 3.5".Board thickness:0.5".
  • 5.WHAT YOU GET: Set of 6 shelves.12pcs Screws set.
Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3, Geometric Hexagon Shaped Storage Shelves Home Decor for Bedroom, Hallway, Office, Living Room, Kitchen (Pink)
  • HEXAGON FLOATING SHELVES, SET of 3: Impressive Upscale Large, Medium, and Small Shelves. These honeycomb shelves will make a decorative focal point for any room. Display what makes you feel happy!
  • CUSTOM ARRANGEMENTS: Design striking configurations to add a unique touch to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Choose from any of our included designs or create your own custom layouts for a more personalized look
  • Functional Wall Shelves: You can mounted it in your living room to display photo frames and valued art objects; or hang it as your bathroom shelf to storage shampoo, bath cream and hold many tins and bottles as your kitchen shelf. You can also install it in your living room as a bookshelf.
  • Decorative: Spruce up any room walls with these display wooden box shelves to add functional and chic storage, you can conveniently display your knick knacks, photos, home décor pieces and many more.
  • Perfect Gift-The simple yet solid floating shelves are as much a piece of art as it is a storage item. Each shelf has pre-drilled keyholes and mounting screws with anchors for easy installation. And also to be a great gift for your family & friends.
Rustic State Brooks Wall Mount Hexagon Wooden Box Shelf | Distressed Walnut Varying Sizes Set of 3
  • Minimalist Rustic Design: Distressed wood hexagon shelves are great for small spaces with rustic , industrial design.
  • Ready to Use: These geometric shelves come fully assembled and mounting hardware is included in the package .
  • Multi Functional Real Wood: Paulownia wood is used in applications which is lightweight yet proportionately strong, sustainable real wood. These wall shelves are perfect for displaying just about anything, you can create a wall collage in farmhouse design with your favorite photos, art or books
  • Decorative: Spruce up any room walls with these display wooden box shelves to add functional and chic storage, you can conveniently display your knick knacks, photos, home décor pieces and many more.
  • Bookshelf: Use the wall mountable shelves to display, organize and decorate your items and living room. Instead of using a large furniture piece to store your books, you will save up on floor space and move around independently with the help of these shelves
Rustic Wall Mounted Square Shaped Floating Shelves – Set of 5 Square Shelves for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room & More - Screws and Anchors Included – Wall Décor Display for Home - Torched Brown
  • Farmhouse display shelves: Display charming showpieces, decorative items, and other prized possessions while offering functional storage with these lovely square shaped display shelves. Reduce clutter and highlight your rustic décor in style.
  • Functional wall decor: Add character and warmth to any vintage or traditional interior – Use the larger shelves for books and décor items in your living room, or mugs, cups and dishware in your kitchen. Your only limit is your imagination!
  • Easy to assembly and install: Your box comes with printed, detailed instructions on how to assembly and mount your new set of modern shelves, but if you need extra help, make sure to check the product video for more visual guidance. Product dimensions are 38.6"x 23.62" x 6.3".
  • Floating design: When installed, the five wooden shelves sit flush against the wall with hardware hidden in the wood, giving a stylish floating appearance. Add additional shelving space to store and organize any small items cluttering up your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or office!
  • Light & sturdy paulownia wood: Paulownia wood is known to be one of the sturdiest and lightest woods available in the world, and it’s widely used in industries that require very light yet strong wood. Our product will fit your needs perfectly by being LIGHTWEIGHT but at the same time STURDY enough to hold your favorite belongings in place.
MUUJEE Hexagon Wood Tray - 5 inch Dish for Rings, Jewelry or Trinket, Key Tray
  • This hexagon wood tray measures 5.5 x 5 inches. Enough surface that would hold your daily essentials you typically misplace the most.
  • Hexagon shaped wooden tray is made from light weight walnut wood with a semi-gloss finish. Whether you lay it in the hallway table, bedroom, bath, on the dresser, or foyer, its sleek and smooth-finish design will surely stand out and captivate admiration from your visitors.
  • You deserve only the finest, this tray is gift ready, packed in a box that would surely impress the gift recipient.
  • This rustic wood tray, intricately designed to be multi functional. It is used to hold your jewelries, cuff links, keys, watch or any accessories that you want to keep organized.
Half Pencils with Eraser - Golf, Classroom, Pew, Short, Mini, Small, Non Toxic, Wooden, Hexagon, Sharpened, 2 Pencil, (Color - Teal, Box of 72), (Half Gross) Golf Pocket Pencils
  • 72 Golf Pocket Pencils Sharpened, hexagon shaped, TEAL color with pink/red eraser.
  • Short Mini Half Pencils, #2 HB Graphite lead. Soft Effective Laytex Free Eraser
  • Ideal for Score Keeping, Pews, Classroom, Parties, Events, Anywhere
  • Encourages better palmer arch and firmer grasp - Includes White Sturdy Storage Box
  • Made in the USA - PMA Approved - Non Toxic


Welcome to my Curtzy Trio of Wooden Hexagon Shaped Boxes review. My partner is a fan of anything that can store stuff, whether it’s big stuff or little stuff, she can’t get enough of that storage. This is why I decided to buy these as a gift for her.

Design and quality:

The set includes three different sized boxes all with a hexagon shape. The smallest box is 12X7.5cm, the middle box is 15X10.5cm and the largest box is 18X13.5cm. So while the boxes aren’t large enough for big goods, they are the perfect size for smaller goods such as jewelry or small keepsakes.

Each of the boxes is made from a plain pine wood and as such each one retains the plain color scheme. However since they are made from pine wood, they are very easy to paint on with your own color or pattern.They still remain as standard in my house, but my partner is deciding if she’s going to decorate them or not. While they certainly are nice, there are a few small issues such as areas of slightly split wood showing quite clearly on the original color scheme.

Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Hexagon Shaped Boxes Review

While I am mostly a fan of these boxes and the pine wood they are made from, there are some things that bug me. These are the hinges and the catches of each box of which all of them feel cheap and look like they have been installed by a five-year-old. This may seem like I am being picky, but I am not. Some of the hinges aren’t straight and some of the screws have been inserted in a way which means they are screwed diagonally into the wood, which means you can see the head of any affected screw slightly lifted on one side, instead of making equal contact with the wood. If I had made these at home, I would expect that but since I brought, them I do feel a bit letdown.

While the quality of the wood is fine for the most part, the hinges and catches look cheap and as I mentioned above look as if they have been installed by a child. I would personally recommend replacing the hinges and catches with some better quality ones.

Curtzy Trio Of Wooden Hexagon Shaped Boxes Review

In use:

My partner has been using each of the three boxes for different things. The small one is for loose change, the medium-sized one is for cosmetic items such as nail clippers and files while the large one is for sewing threads. She says each of the boxes is perfect for her needs and that despite the small sizes she absolutely loves them, but like me, she does think the hinges and catches are roughly installed as well as being cheap and tacky.


These boxes are good, but at the same time, they have issues such as the terrible catches and hinges, which in all honesty don’t look to be professionally installed. They are the perfect size for small bits and bobs and I love the fact you can easily decorate them if you want to.

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