Betterhill Electric Nail Manicure Drill Review: An Almost Professional Way To Do Your Nails


Welcome to my Betterhill Electric Nail Manicure Drill review. This set not only allows you to file your nails but also do other things such as engraving them, sharpening them and so much more.


The main part of the set is a small handheld drill, that is powered by a mains plug. At the top of the drill is an area for placing the different bits. Placing and removing the bits is a simple job, they twist out and to unlock and in to lock. There’s also a lock button that ensures that whatever bit is in use, can’t accidentally fall out.

Down at the bottom of the drill is a dial that is used to turn the drill on and off, it’s also used to adjust the speed at which the drill spins around. At the very bottom of the drill is the connector for the power plug. Talking of the plug, the cable is long enough to use the drill while sat down near a socket.

Betterhill Electric Nail Manicure Drill Review

The drill comes with six grinding pads and six bits. I must admit I am not impressed with the bits, one has rust on it, which isn’t really good for health and safety practise. It also makes me question the quality of the whole set.

In use:

The set is rather easy to use. Simply choose your bit and place it in the drill. Now plug it in and start it up. Power it on by turning the dial and then choose the speed by moving the dial up or down. My partner does her nails a lot so she has been using this and while she likes it, she and I both agree it’s not really a quiet device like it says on the listing. At its lowest speed it is quiet but as soon as you up the speed, the noise level becomes quite high.


This is an ok drill but it has its flaws, the worst of which is the rust that has appeared in a large amount on the grinding wheel holder. It’s also not as quiet as is claimed.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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