BestFire 180ml Cool Bottle Mini Humidifier/Diffuser Review

Today I am reviewing the BestFire 180ml Cool Bottle Mini Humidifier/Diffuser.


There’s a reason this is called ‘Cool Bottle’ and that reason is because it looks like a bottle. It’s so uncanny you could accidentally mistake it for a bottle of drinking liquid. The unit consists of three main parts, The spout area, the bowl area and the filter stick. I shall just point out that the filter sticks needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. The filter stick attaches to the spout area and sits within the whole unit, it’s easy to remove and replace.

BestFire 180ml Cool Bottle Mini Humidifier

Also located within the spout area are the electronics of the device, this includes all the bits that make it work as well as a set of four LED lights. These lights are yellow and this is the only colour available.  If you don’t want the lights on, you can still use the humidifier by simply pressing the power button a second time, if you press it a third time the humidifier turns off completely.

This humidifier is powered by a USB cable. Since it’s designed to be used on a desk this is a brilliant way of powering the device as it means you don’t have to mess around to find a spare plug socket, you can simply plug it into the USB port of your PC.

BestFire 180ml Cool Bottle Mini Humidifier

In use:

I am surprised by just how well this little unit works. I often have to deal with the effects of dry air, but with this device going at my desk as I work away, I haven’t noticed any of those effects and I feel so much better. I also really enjoy having the fragrance of essential oils been blown out of the spout as I work. It’s really calming and does a lot for the mind. The LED’s are a bit boring compared to some of the full-sized diffusers I own which have multiple colours, but this is a tiny issue that I can live with.


A uniquely shaped humidifier that works well and looks good. It’s easy to use and nice to look at.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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