Auto Vox Car Jump Starter Review: Portable And Easy To Use


Welcome to my review of the Auto Vox Car Jump Starter. This is a sleek and powerful jump starter that also doubles as a mobile device power bank for charging things such as tablets, phones and cameras.

Design and quality:

As you would expect with a car jump starter this is a very well made device that feels solid and looks it too. It’s made from a strong thick plastic and is complete with a black and yellow color scheme that Bumblebee himself would be proud of.

Auto Vox Car Jump Starter Review

There are a few different ports located around the exterior of the product. There’s two USB ports, a 15v in port for charging the jump starter, a LED torch light and a jumper cable connection port on the front edge of the car jump starter. On the left-hand side is 19v out port for laptops as well as a 12v port for connecting the included car cigarette lighter adapter to. The top edge of the car jump starter is home to a button for activating the product and the torch and lastly four status lights that light up in order to represent a rough percentage of how much battery life is left in the device. On the underside is a label with a few instructions on it and some words of caution in regards to using the product properly and safely.

With a large 18,000mAh battery, this car jump starter claims to be able to last up to 20 jump starts per each charge. I haven’t yet jumped started my car 18 times so am unable to comment on this part yet. This is also the main feeder for the mobile device charging mode. Of course, just how many charges you get out of this, does depend on how much battery power is left after jump starting a car.

The build quality of the product is fantastic. Not only does it look solid, it feels very solid too. Also included to keep it extra safe when not in use is a hard shell case with room for every part of the car jump starter including the cables and plugs.

Auto Vox Car Jump Starter Review

In use:

Luckily I haven’t had to jump-start my car too much, but when I have this has worked wonders. It’s really easy to use as well. Simply connect them jump lead to the car jump starter, then connect the red and black clamps to the battery terminals, then turn the car jump starter on and lastly turn the key. If all goes as it should the car will start-up. Once done disconnect the jump starter from the red and black leads before removing the red and black clamps from the terminals.

I have jump started my car two times with this and it has worked flawlessly each time. It’s so easy to use and the portability makes it easy to keep stored in my car boot or even in the glove compartment.

Auto Vox Car Jump Starter Review


This is a fantastic car jump starter that I have yet to find any issues with. It’s well made, works really and can be stored easily without worrying about losing too much room.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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