Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Speaker Worthy Of A Bigger Name

The Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker is a beast of a portable device and boasts several different features including MicroSD playback compatibility, blue LED lighting and USB device charging as well as the standard Bluetooth and AUX connections found on many portable Bluetooth speakers.

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Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker features

Ineradicable Loud Stereo Sound:ZEALOT S7 adopted 4 powerful quality drivers which deliver you a super clarity, excellent bass & house-breaking audio experience. Let it rock your party!

Innovative Touch Control: With an intuitive smart touch panel on top, you can easily get a playful, convenient control by funny fingertips trick. Enjoy the fun with technology.

Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Long Lasting Playtime with External Battery Pack Function: rechargeable Li-ion battery offers up to 24Hrs playtime, the music never dies. Want more supervise? It’s also a power bank used for phone charge.

Built-in Microphone: ZEALOT S7 can also be a speakerphone with its high-performance voice recording technology, which ensures a happy hands-free talking.

12 months warranty for all of our products. Buy with confidence.

Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker design

The Zealot S7 is quite possibly the biggest portable speaker I have ever owned. With dimensions of 23.3 x 11.3 x 9 cm, this beast certainly won’t fit in a pocket, but it will at least fit in bag although it does have a weight of 1.1 Kg so it’s unlikely you’ll forget you are carrying it.

Overall the design is quite modern with an all black body, a gloss finished top, blue LED lighting and touch sensitive buttons. The zealot speaker grill runs around the entire front, sides and back of the speaker. The Zealot logo makes it home on the front of the speaker, while the back is home to a small panel of ports that consists of an AUX in port, a USB port, a microSD slot, a DC 5V microUSB port for charging and the on/off switch.

The top panel is slightly raised from the body and this is because in between the top panel and speaker body is a LED light that runs around from back to front. This light comes on anytime the speaker is turned on. The same light also illuminates the touch sensitive buttons. It’s a neat lighting system as it makes the speaker look good but in terms of functionality, it doesn’t do anything special.

Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

On the bottom of the speaker is a large rubber foot that goes from near the edge of one side to near the edge of the other. The foot does a fantastic job of keeping the speaker from moving about when in use.

Powering this beast is a large 10000mAh Li-ion battery capable of delivering up to 24 hours of music playback, which for a portable speaker is immense. There’s also the added on bonus of this speaker also functioning as a mobile power bank so you can charge your devices on the go, that is if you do fancy carrying a 1.1 Kg device around of course.

Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker setup and signal reliability

The initial pairing of the S7 with my phone was a quick and easy task. I had the two paired together through Bluetooth in under 30 seconds. Now whenever the two are on and the phone’s Bluetooth is activated, they automatically pair to one another so there’s no need to go through the setup each time.

With a working distance of 10m between the two devices, there’s no reason for having any drop out issues as long as you stay within that range. I have had no issues at all when keeping the two devices within 10m of each other.

Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you don’t have a Bluetooth device, don’t fear as the speaker can also be connected to a device via a 3.5mm audio cable or you can just load a microSD card with music and play it that way.

Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker audio and microphone quality

The Zealot S7 has fantastic sound quality. It produces clear and crisp sound with no distortion present, even at higher volumes. The bass is set at a decent level that makes the surface below the speaker tremble in an exciting way. Lyrics come out clear and consistently. There really is nothing to hate about the sound produced by this beast of a speaker.

As is the case with many other Bluetooth speakers, this one features a built-in microphone to allow for handsfree phone calls through the normal phone application or an application like Skype. It works really well for normal calls and Skype calls. It picks up my voice with ease and helps clearly deliver it to whoever I am talking to on the other end of the phone.


The Zealot S7 is a fantastic speaker which is hard to find fault with. It has a cool design, awesome battery life, and amazing sound quality. It looks and acts like a premium speaker in more ways than one.

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