Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones Review: A Combination Of Good Looks And Great Sound

These Bluetooth Sports Earphones by Sandberg are one of the newest products available from the Danish company, who has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and providing different types of consumer technology products from earphones to PC accessories. Over the past year, I have the pleasure of reviewing many of these different products for them, which is why I have been extra excited to get my hands on their Bluetooth sports earphones.

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The design of the Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones. What’s it like ?

I own quite a few sets of sports earphones, so I have seen some good designs and some terrible designs. These ones, thankfully fall into the good design category and quite honestly are the best-looking pair I own. The earpieces sit nicely in the ears thanks to the C-shaped skeleton that sits over the top of the ears and curves down towards the back. While the areas surrounding the earpieces are made with mostly plastic, there are a few metal plates. These are colored in silver and gold and add a lovely touch of class to the design.

Since these are Bluetooth sports earphones, the only cable present in the one that connects the earpieces to each other. This is designed to run around the back of the neck and is practically unnoticeable from the front. Slightly down the cable from the right-hand earpiece is a neat looking control box, that is home to three buttons, a microphone, a status light and a microUSB slot for charging the built-in battery. The one criticism I have for control boxes mounted in this style is that finding the correct button without being able to properly see it, does sometimes lead to pressing the wrong button. This isn’t an issue with these Bluetooth sports earphones, more of an issue with the way the industry has tried to make wireless earphones friendly.

Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones Review

The battery life of these earphones is about average. A single charge from dead to 100% full takes me roughly 1.5 to 2 hours and can last me 8 hours, although this result can vary at times due to certain factors such as the volume level during use.

Overall the design of these is both pleasing to look at and at the same time very comfortable. They are well made and have a gorgeous appearance, which makes them stand out above other Bluetooth sports earphones I have reviewed.

Initial setup and signal reliability

As I say quite a lot, the initial setup of these is really easy and very quick to do. I had these connected and playing music from my phone in about 25 seconds. The included manual gives you a small but useful image walk-through of how to do the process.

The wireless range of these earphones is 10m, which is usual for most Bluetooth earphones. I am able to use these while doing chores such as cleaning the kitchen as my phone sits in the front room. The signal remains strong and as long as I stay within 10m I experience no issues at all.

Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones Review

Are the audio and microphone quality good ?

These earphones produce some amazing audio. It’s clear, no matter what genre of music is playing at the time. Even the bass is set at a decent level, that’s perfect for in ear music. I did notice a tiny bit of distortion when I decided to crank the volume up on my phone and the earphones at the same time. Overall though the listening experience provided by these is fantastic.

The built-in microphone also works quite well. I have used it for normal phone calls and Skype calls, both of which it seems to do quite well with. I have used it for a few calls over an hour long and not once did I have any issues. My voice was picked up clearly by the person I was talking to on each occasion.


These Bluetooth sports earphones by Sandberg combine a gorgeous style with amazing audio quality to give you an affordable, yet decent set of wireless earphones, talking of affordable, these are only £32.99, which is a steal if you ask me. To sum it all up, these are stylish, affordable and audiophile on a budget pleasing.


This product was sent to me for free directly from Sandberg in return for my honest review and opinions of the product. This has in no way influenced my write up for this product.

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