RHYTHMZ HD9 Smarttalk Earphones Review

I have to say, it’s kind of refreshing to be reviewing the Rhythmz HD9 Smarttalk earphones and the reason for that is, that these are not Bluetooth earphones, they are regular wired earphones and I’ll be honest with you, for the past few years I forgot wired earphones even existed, thanks to influx of Bluetooth earphones hitting the market and companies like Apple and Motorola ditching the earphone jack.

During these past few weeks, I have not touched a single pair of Bluetooth earphones, just because I felt wired earphones needed to shine once again in my life. The Rhytmz HD9’s are quite possibly one of the best sets of cheap wired earphones I have ever used.

They really shine in terms of looks. The earpieces are made from metal that has been completed with a dull shine. The metal used is incredibly light in terms of weight and this has a positive effect on just how comfortable they are. They’re so comfortable, you’d forget you have them in if it weren’t for the music playing that is. They fit my ears nicely too, with no issues, such as them randomly falling out or moving around.

Then there’s the cable, which has been designed to stay tangle free, well so they say. I certainly have had to untangle them a few times, but I do have to say they are a lot easier to untangle than most other earphones. I also have to say that even though the tangle free claim seems to be fabricated, the cable is in fact quite strong and this is thanks to the twisted effect on the inner cable, which works really well.

Part way down the cable in an in-line control box complete with microphone, call button and volume slider. That’s all there is to this box, which puts the Rhythmz HD9 Smarttalk earphones in line with similar offerings.

Now obviously the Rythmz H9’s aren’t going to offer you top of the range sound or anything to write home about, but what they do offer is pretty decent considering they cost less than £13 here in the U.K. They offer clear sound with decent levels of bass, especially at lower volumes. Be warned though distortion is present in really high volumes. You’ll also notice that if you don’t have the earpieces sat correctly in your ears, the sound will be quite hollow, this isn’t really an issue and is something I have experienced often before.

The microphone works jsut as you would expect and although I have had the occasional hiccup when using it over Skype, it seems to work quite well most of the time. People I am speaking to can often hear me with no issues at all and I am told my voice comes out clearly.

Overall the Rhythmz HD9 Smarttalk earphones are to me a huge relief after years of using Bluetooth earphones. They offer comfort, premium looks and above all pretty decent audio at reasonable levels.


  • Premium style at a low price
  • Decent audio at reasonable volumes
  • In line mic box
  • Durable cable


  • Tangle-free cable that gets tangled
  • Distortion at higher volumes