Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker Review

Poweradd Bluetooth speakers come in many shapes and sizes and are great for using outdoors, but that doesn’t always mean they are well equipped to be used outdoors. For example, they are often made without any protection from falls or water. That’s where the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is different. With a rugged design and an IPX7 rating, it’s been made to ensure it can take on the challenges of the great outdoors.

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It’s really easy to tell, just by looking at it, that the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is designed with the outdoors in mind. It looks like something you’d see on a building site. The material used around the exterior is plastic, but it’s a very thick plastic. A quick fist tap on its reveals no hollow points at all.

Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker Review

Waterproofing is taken care of with the help of seals hidden inside the speaker and a large thick rubber flap covering the three ports on the side of the speaker. the three ports present here are a 3.5mm audio jack, a microUSB charging point and a USB port for charging devices such as your smartphone.

Running across the top of the speaker are five large finger-friendly buttons. They serve as the main function buttons allowing you to turn the speaker on, adjust the volume, switch the track playing and answer phone calls. Their large size makes them easy to use and hard to miss.

Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker Review

A hanging loop is stuck out of one end of the speaker. This loop makes it possible to hang the speaker from a bag or a hook on the wall. Carrying the speaker from a bag is possible, but given its weight, probably not the best idea.

While the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is portable, its large size means carrying it around does require a large enough bag such as a backpack or a holdall sports bag. It will not fit in a pocket.

The initial pairing of the speaker with my mobile phone was as quick and easy as it is with any other Bluetooth device. You simply set it up as you normally would. The included manual does explain the process if you have never done it before.

With the typical 10m working range, the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is able to easily maintain a connection with my phone when the conditions are perfect, which means when both the phone and speaker are within that distance with nothing major blocking the signal path.

If you are using a device without Bluetooth, such as an MP3 player or a computer, you can still use this speaker, thanks to the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio cable connection point. This means you can simply plug your phone in using a 3.5 mm cable and listen to music that way.

Powering the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is a 4000mAh rechargeable battery. This offers a playtime of up to 24 hours (at low volume). I use the speaker at a medium volume and so far its been going for about 14 hours. There’s also a built-in power bank feature, but unfortunately, it doesn’t use a separate battery, which means it uses the 4000mAh battery used by the speaker. Since most phones have battery capacities between 3000 to 4000 mAh, this means charging a phone will wipe the speaker out within a few hours, as opposed to the time it takes using it as a speaker.

Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker Review

Audio quality on portable speakers can be either bad or good. I’m happy to say the audio quality of the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker falls into the latter. The sound is crisp and clear, while lyrics can be heard as clear as day. The bass is amazing and packs a real punch, especially for a portable speaker. Distortion is non-existent, even at high volumes. Above all then, the audio is great, I wouldn’t say it would please an Audiophile as you need high spec speakers for that, but it certainly would please most typical consumers.

Of course, any decent portable speaker wouldn’t be complete without a call function, which I am pleased to say this speaker does have. This allows you to answer calls over the speaker, which also features its own built-in microphone for picking up your voice. The microphone works really well and the call function works great for both phone calls and Skype calls.

Overall the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s rugged design and IPX7 rating make sure its able to survive the typical conditions of outdoor life. The audio quality is fantastic and would please even the fussiest of consumers, although it’s not on an Audiophile level. The battery life is great, but I do feel the power bank feature has been poorly executed.


  • Rugged build complete with IPX7 rating
  • Fantastic audio
  • Great battery life as a speaker


  • Poorly executed power bank feature

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