Mini Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker Review: A Mini Delight In Both Design And Sound Quality

Welcome to my Mini Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker review. This speaker by iUi design is by far one of the best I have seen, especially when it comes to design. This is shaped like A Mini Cooper’s wing mirror, need I say more. What’s even better is that is actually officially licensed by BMW AG.

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The best thing about this speaker by far is the design of it. As we all know Mini’s are by far one of the most recognized cars to have come out of Great Britain. While none will ever be as amazing as the original Mini’s the newer ones are still a marvel and a reminder of the good old days. This mirror has been designed from a modern-day Mini Cooper’s wing mirror. Of course, it’s not the same size, although that would be cool. It’s a ‘mini’ Mini speaker, which means it a bit on the small side, like a Mini Cooper.

Sticking to the Great British roots of the Mini, the speaker has been finished with a Union Jack flag finish running around the rear area of the speaker. At the front is a silver speaker grill that is complete with a solid metal Mini logo to compliment the rest of the design.

Mini Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker Review

On thing to immediately hit me about this speaker was that there are no properly visible or marked buttons with the exception of the power switch/Bluetooth pairing switch. Upon reading the manual I discovered the only physical button is the call button, which is actually the base around the switch I mentioned above. If you push this base in you will notice it’s a button. This means you can simply push on the top of the speaker to answer calls. Unfortunately, the speaker is lacking any audio related buttons, such as track skipping and volume adjustment, which is rather disappointing as all my other Bluetooth speakers feature these buttons. This means all controls must be done from the device.

Another disappointment is the lack of any other audio input methods. Unfortunately, this is a Bluetooth-only speaker, there’s no AUX in jack at all, which means you sadly can’t connect a device to it via a cable. The only port on here is the MicroUSB port for charging the built-in 500mAh battery. This battery has so far got me through about five to six hours of use per charge, which isn’t bad but could be better.

Mini Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker Review

It also rather nicely comes presented on a podium stand with a see through lid, that means this could be the perfect gift for any Mini fan in your life.

Setup and signal:

Connecting this speaker to my phone via Bluetooth is as quick as all the others I have done. The first connection of any new Bluetooth devices does require a pairing, this basically enables your phone and the speaker to remember each other for future use. This setup is quick and easy, it took me less than 30 seconds to do. If you aren’t sure what to do, then you’ll be happy to know the manual explains the process quite well.

The Bluetooth signal between my phone and the speaker is quite stable and I haven’t once yet experienced any dropouts or other types of issues relating to poor signal, even when I have had the speaker and my phone in separate rooms.

Audio and microphone quality:

The audio from this speaker is brilliant. It’s clear and very crisp. It’s not as powerful as any larger Bluetooth speakers and is prone to a bit of distortion at higher volumes but for the most part, it’s great. The bass is set at a decent level and is good for a single person listening to music. Don’t just take my word for it, though, check out this video I recorded of it in action and see what you think.

The microphone works really well and is really impressive. It picks up my voice quite clearly, which allows whoever I am talking to at the time to clearly hear everything I have to say. I can also hear them quite clearly as they talk back.

Mini Cooper Compact Mirror Bluetooth Speaker Review


This is speaker represents a true icon of British design. It looks fantastic and it has amazing audio quality. There’s are a few things that I don’t like such as the lack of any audio control buttons and the fact there’s no aux in jack either. Overall though this speaker is a true contender to my others and that’s not just because of great audio quality, but the design, which is by far the best design I have seen on a Bluetooth speaker.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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