Marsboy NB-09 New Bee Bluetooth Headphones Review

Today I am reviewing the Marsboy NB-09 New Bee Bluetooth headphones. A set of Bluetooth headphones that have a built-in pedometer.

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The first thing that strikes me about these headphones is just how small they look in comparison to other Bluetooth headphones I own. I must admit at first I thought these were made for children as the earcups are so small but upon trying them on my head, I was surprised by just how well they fit and just how comfortable they are. Despite the small size of the earcups, they are very comfortable and I must admit I judged their size way too early.

Like any decent set of headphones, each earcup is on an adjustable arm, so the headphones can be adjusted to fit many sizes of head. The padding provided by these headphones is adequate and does a fantastic job of keeping the comfort present. There is padding on the headband as well as on each earcup.

When not in use the headphones can be folded into a compact state, which then allows them to be placed into the included hard shell case for easy and damage-free transportation. The case included is nice and tough and is coloured in black with a red zip section. It has space for the headphones and a netted area for the cables.

On the external side of the right earcup are four buttons, which are used to control the headphones when they are connected to a device via Bluetooth. The buttons are:

  • On/Off/Answer/Stop
  • Volume down/Previous track
  • Volume up/Next track
  • Play/Pause

Each of these buttons delivers a feedback click, which lets you know the button has successfully been pressed.

Present on the bottom edge of the right earcup is a MicroUSB port for charging, an aux port for none Bluetooth devices, a microphone, and a status light.


As is typical with Bluetooth devices of today, setting these headphones up through Bluetooth with my phone was a quick and effortless job. Of course, if you haven’t ever done this before or just get the stuck the included manual does a fantastic job of explaining how to do it clearly.

In terms of connectivity strength and reliability, I found these to work best when I was in close proximity to my phone. Like other Bluetooth headphones, I have used I did find them to be very sensitive when trying to use them outside in windy situations. So anytime the wind was up I would suffer from the odd jumps which did become very annoying. However though if you do want to use these but it’s too windy or maybe you forgot to charge the headphones, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you can simply use the 3.5mm audio cable provided to connect the headphones to your phone with no need for Bluetooth connectivity.


These headphones are powered by an 800mAh battery and the product listing claims they can last up to 45 hours, now to me this figure seems quite high as most headphones similar to these get about 10 hours or so out of their batteries, so 45 hours does seem very insane, but it does claim it on the listing and the box so we will see. I will say I have managed to so far use the headphones for a total of 12 hours and they are still going strong, so if these do get to roughly the 45-hour mark I’ll be even more pleased.

Audio and in use:

The audio produced by these is really impressive. I have played many different genres of music on these and they managed to do a fantastic job of each one. The audio is clear, crisp and above all distortion free. All of this combined made for an excellent listening experience. The bass is also presented well and the level produced is good enough for a set of headphones.

The built-in microphone is also fantastic and works a treat. I have used it for a few phone calls now and I’m very happy with how well it picked up my voice. The person on the other end of the phone each time was able to hear me clearly and had no issues to report at all.

A nice little bonus feature present on these headphones is the built-in pedometer, which communicates with your Android powered smartphone through an application. Unfortunately for those of you with an IOS device this feature isn’t accessible. I personally haven’t had too much time with the pedometer, but from my use so far it seems really good.


A brilliant set of headphones that are extremely comfortable to wear and produce brilliant sound for a great personal music listening experience. If you’re the type of person who enjoys keeping track of your steps and own an Android phone then you’ll also have the bonus of using these as a pedometer.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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