Langsdom A10 Earphones Review: Look Awesome And Sounds Awesome


Welcome to my Langsdom A10 Earphones review. The A10’s are a budget friendly set of earphones (Only £18.95 at the time of this review) that not only look really good, they also perform quite good.


The A10’s are available in black, white and gold. I have the black version which looks really nice. They are colored in mainly black but has red trims running around the outside of the driver housings. I like the look of the other two colors from the photos, particularly the gold-colored ones.

The driver housings are shaped to look like two half cylindrical drums stacked together, they are mostly black but do have a chrome ring just before the earpieces and a red trim around the outer ring. The ear tips are very comfortable despite not being of the angled variety which I do personally prefer.

The total length of the cable on these earphones is 1.2m which is standard. This means they are long enough to reach from my ears to my pants pocket with some slack still remaining for free movement. Just down the cable from the right earpiece is a small box that is home to the built-in microphone and a control button. While the cables running to each earpiece are thin tubular cables, the cable that connects to the phone is a rather thick rectangular cable. These cables are divided by a small box that is about a quarter way down from the earpieces.

Langsdom A10 Earphones Review

Audio and microphone quality:

The audio produced by the A10’s is very good. It’s clear and crisp and certainly doesn’t seem to lack in quality, although at louder volumes distortion is there but minimal. The bass is set at a perfect level and makes it feel like I am having a mini party on my own. Since I listen to many different genres of music, these earphones have been used to listen to most types  and despite the distortion at louder volumes, they have handled them all as well as expected.

The built-in microphone is below standards, in my opinion, I have had a few issues where my voice wasn’t clear enough for the person on the other end and often I had to raise my voice a lot. I usually have praise for earphones microphones but this one just isn’t that good.


These are some pretty nice looking earphones. The audio is great, but if used at loud volumes some distortion is produced. I am not impressed with the built-in microphone as I often had to shout and quite a bit of the time my voice wasn’t clear to whoever I was talking to.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.