Idealmuzik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review: Impressive Sound Quality


Welcome to my Idealmusik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset review. This is a wireless set of earphones that have been designed with sporting activity in mind. That means these are a good idea for Gym goers, people run or even just people who power walk.

Design and quality:

The earpieces of this headset have a rather cool looking design, that is reminiscent of a tiny rectangle with a few small adjustments. The earpieces themselves sit at an angle that makes them extremely comfortable in use.

Instead of a flat cable connecting the two earpieces together, these have a tubular cable. This runs around the back of the neck and has a small control box that is home to some buttons, a MicroUSB port for charging, a LED status light and the built-in battery. This box sits just below the right-hand side earpiece and sits just to the side of the face, which does make it hard to see and hard to use at first and you try to get used to the button layout.

Idealmuzik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

With only a measly 100mAh battery, you wouldn’t be blamed for looking away in shock, however, since these are earphones they don’t draw too much power, which means this tiny 100mAh battery promises to deliver up to 7 hours of playback and up to 200 hours of standby time. I have put the 7-hour claim to test, but obviously not the 200-hour claim. At constant high volumes, I received between 5 to 6 hours of use, while at low volumes I got roughly the 7 hours promised, so I can happily say, the battery does deliver. Up to 7 hours from a 2-hour charge isn’t bad considering the battery is tiny.

The build quality of the I1’s isn’t bad at all. It’s a solid pair of earphones that lacks a cheap look and feel, which makes them fantastic in my opinion. These really do feel like an expensive set of earphones.

Setup and signal reliability:

As is normal for most Bluetooth devices, the initial pairing of the I1’s with my phone was a quick and easy task. Within 30 seconds I was listening to music through the earphones from my phone. If you haven’t ever done this sort of thing before, I am pleased to report that the included manual is very detailed when it comes to telling you how to do it.

Thanks to the 300ft operating range, these have I have been able to happily walk around the lower level of my house listening to music as my phone stays sat on my desk. This means I am free to wonder about doing chores without having to keep hold of my phone.

Idealmuzik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Audio and microphone quality:

Impressive ! This is the word I would choose if I had, to sum up the audio quality of these earphones. The sound is clear, the bass is just right and every note is presented in a manner befitting that of more expensive earphones. I have listened to many different genres of music through these and have to be disappointed.

The microphone isn’t bad either. It’s great for any type of call, from a normal phone call to a Skype call. It picks up my voice with easy and delivers it clearly to whoever I am talking to at the time. At the same time, I can also hear them really well through my earphones.


The I1’s are a wonderful little set of earphones with no major issues other the location of the control box. The audio these produce is fantastic, while the microphone works really well. I would definitely recommend these.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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