Humixx H3 Earphones Review

The Humixx H3 earphones are a budget-friendly pair of wired earphones that can be purchased from over on Amazon. They feature in-ear noise reduction, a moving coil for efficient sound quality and an in-line control/microphone combination.

In terms of design, they look and feel like a solid little pair of earphones. They are quite possibly some of the nicest looking earphones I have come across in their price bracket. If style is what you’re after, then I doubt you will be let down by these, which are complete with lightweight earpieces and a mixture of TPE and nylon braided cabling to give them not only a decent look but also a bit more strength to ensure the earphones last quite a while. Admittedly it would have been better to use a completely nylon braided cable setup instead of a mixture that uses nylon braided cable for the bottom half and TPE cable for the earpieces.

Part way down the line running to the right earpiece is an in-line control/microphone. The remote be used for answering calls and playing or pausing music, but unfortunately, it can’t be used to adjust the volume.

Comfort is something I have found the Humixx H3 earphones to be great at providing. The earpieces sit comfortably in my ear and there are a few sets of earbuds included, just in case you need to change the ones in use.

The cable provides enough length from head to toe for me to be able to easily use these with my phone while it’s in my trouser pocket. There’s enough cable left over to allow me to freely move my phone around when I need to, without interrupting my music.

As usual, the connection is a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so this will work with most smartphones as long as they have a 3.5mm audio jack or use an adapter to create one. The jack is straight end jack, which means it sits nicely in my device without me having to worry about an awkward bend affecting how my device sits in my pocket.

The audio quality is actually quite good, considering the fact these are cheap earphones. The audio is clear and crisp even at higher volumes where distortion is minimal to a point you most likely won’t notice any. Bass is also quite good as its set to a decent level that doesn’t cause me any discomfort, while at the same time also being just enough to keep me coming back to these earphones.

For calls and VoIP chat inbuilt microphone is quite good. It picks up my voice with no issues and helps to clearly deliver it to whomever I am talking to at the time. I don’t have to raise my voice or constantly move it around to ensure I can be heard.

Overall the Humixx H3 earphones are surprisingly quite good. The design is superb, the audio is great and the microphone works quite well. The only downsides I have found are the lack of in-line volume adjustment and the fact a full nylon braided cable wasn’t used for the design.


  • Well made
  • Look great
  • Brilliant audio
  • Good microphone


  • No in-line volume adjustment
  • Mix use of cabling