Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones Review: Great Sound But Poor Design

Welcome to my Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones review. While I am personally a fan of Bluetooth earphones over wired ones, I do like to carry a wired pair around with me should the battery fully drain on my Bluetooth earphones.

Hoco In Ear Headphones Noise Isolating 3.5 mm Wired Earphones, Black
  • Affordable price and cost effective.
  • Durable and comfortable.Soft earbuds cap.
  • Original package, premium quality.
  • Compatible for all 3.5mm jack devices.4ft length long cable.

Design and quality:

When it comes to appearance these do look very cheap. I’d say they are slightly above Pound shop quality but below mid range quality, so they are in between. They come in three different colors, of which I have the white version with golden edges. To be honest the color scheme is alright, but still shows the cheapness of these earphones.

Then there’s the cable, which in this case looks extremely thin and very fragile. It looks as if it would easily split if it accidentally catches on something. It also tangles very easily, which means when I pull them out of my pocket or bag, they need to be untangled before use. Part way down the right-hand side cable is a small box with a phone answering button and a microphone.

Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones Review

With a length of 1.2m, the cable is long enough to reach from my ears down to my pants pocket with some slack left for free movement of my phone. I can even have it with the cable running behind my jacket.

The build quality pretty much matches my thoughts on the design. Cheap basically. The cable is thin and the plastics used feel poor, even for this price range.

Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones Review

Audio and microphone quality:

I have to admit I am amazed by the sound these produce. The bass is strong and the audio is clear. There, however, is a slight problem with crackling noises popping up now and again, which is quite annoying, but not annoying enough to warrant not using them.

The microphone also works really well. It does a fantastic job of picking up my voice and carrying it to whoever I am talking to at the time. I have used it on Skype, Whatsapp and for a normal phone call. It performed quite well on all of them.

Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones Review


The earphones are far from the best. They have a horrible cheap-feeling design and the build quality is rubbish. They do have great sound though, although there is a bit of crackling from time to time.


I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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