Geabon U11 Earphones Review: Cheap, But Are They Good?

The Geabon U11 earphones are a wired set of earphones that hide an extra feature up their sleeves. A feature that selfie lovers will love. The U11’s have a selfie button on the in-line remote. Nothing special to me, but that’s because I hate selfies.

PRO Wireless V5 Bluetooth Earbuds Works for HTC 601e Mini with Charging case for in Ear Headphones. (V5.0 Pro Black)
  • ✅Ultra-Small and Lightweight for your HTC 601e, noise-isolating earbuds deliver high-quality sound and built-in dual microphones deliver clear communication between you and caller.
  • ✅Multifunctional button on both earbuds allows you pause music, answer/reject/hang up a call and activate voice notifications.
  • ✅Equipped with Wireless Version V5.0 technology, it provides a more stable connection and less power consumption.
  • ✅Noise-isolating earbuds deliver high-quality sound and built-in dual microphones deliver clear communication between you and your caller.
  • ✅Included in package is a charging/storage case, Type-C USB cable for charging purposes, 2 different sizes of earbud tips (small and large,) and user manual.

Geabon U11 Earphones Review: Product features

  • The + button is to take a selfie or photos. It is easy to take photos when you are listening to music during the travel. You only press the button+, then capture all your memories and smiles or other interesting scenes.
  • High sound performance–With In-Ear design and passive noise isolation, Dynamic Heavy bass and high-resolution terrible sound. Android and iOS Compatible MEMS Microphone – in-line microphone compatible with Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android allows you to take calls without cross-talk or background static.
  • Stylish, beautifully compact designed, light weight easy to carry. It is suitable for inside, outside, gym and the other places. You can enjoy the music anytime and anywhere. Fit nicely in your ears and has a remote on the wire to control music, calls and even the camera on your phone while plugged in.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Headset is designed with an ergonomic tilt angle. The earbuds are made of highly elastic rubber material. Not only comfortable to wear, and more effective to prevent volume leakage. Light to wear without burden!

Geabon U11 Earphones Review: Design

The Geabon U11’s aren’t as well designed as I would have inspected. Right out of the packaging they feel cheap and tacky thanks mainly to a flimsy feeling plastic used for the earpieces and the in-line remote. While it may not be surprising to some, it is to me as I have used several earphones with a similar price tag, that haven’t felt this cheap.

Geabon U11 Earphones Review

Then there’s the cable, which is unfortunately not of the flat variety, which I personally prefer due to it’s longer life compared to tubular cable like the cable sued on these earphones. The cable is finished with a twisted effect, but this doesn’t serve many purposes, other than looking good. With a total cable length of 120cm, these earphones allow me to easily use them while having my phone in my trouser pocket, while still giving me enough slack to freely move them about.

Controls are taken care off from the in-line box half way down the line. The box is home to three buttons and a microphone. The three buttons include a play/pause button and two volume controls buttons, with the + volume button also acting as a selfie button for use with your phone’s camera application.

Geabon U11 Earphones Review

Geabon U11 Earphones Review: Audio and microphone

The audio these earphones produce is actually better than I expected. They produce clear sound at moderate levels and pack a punch with bass. At louder volumes, they do become slightly distorted, though, so that’s something to bear in mind if you love your music loud. They do a good job of blocking out external noises too, which is a nice little bonus.

When it comes to talking to people, the microphone here does a superb job. It works well on normal phone calls and just as well over applications like Skype. It picks up my voice clearly with no issues at all.

Geabon U11 Earphones Review: Overall

The Geabon U11 Earphones are cheap enough, but that does mean they come with a few drawbacks such as the build quality and lesser quality at higher volumes. For a cheap pair of earphones, though, they serve their purpose well and I would certainly recommend them.

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