Edifier TWS5 Earbuds Review

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The Edifier TWS5 earbuds come nicely packaged in a neat little box and everything is proudly displayed and organised, once I got in the box of course, they’re in a box that slides apart a little too snug that I did think I may accidentally rip it attempting to gain entry but all was well in the end. Inside you get your ear buds, the container they charge in, a modest short USB cable to charge them while they rest in the container, a couple of pairs of additional rubber buds in different sizes to better suit the size of your ears and of course a manual.

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Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds

Featuring a small and sleek design you might think like I did, particularly if you’ve never used wireless earphones before, “how will these even stay in your ears?” Well I’m happy to say they do stay and stay quite well, I gave my head a good shake with both ear buds in and neither one even budged a millimetre so it’s safe to say there’s little to no risk of these falling out during use.
The ear buds dock in to the case nicely and what’s nice about these is that you don’t have to plug them in and worry about connectors wearing out or anything, Edifier has opted to go for a contact based connection and they’re held in place magnetically all you have to do is make sure you place the ear buds in their appropriate socket and they’re good to go.

The charging time is around 2 hours for a full charge and they last around 8 hours depending on use, they’re automatically switched on once you remove them so you don’t have to mess about trying to press fiddly little buttons. They’re also ready to pair once you remove them if they aren’t already, which is indicated by a red and blue flashing light, you can also choose whether or not you want to use both of them at the same time by either only removing one from the charging dock or both.
Pairing them couldn’t be easier, after removing them from the charging dock, I found that they were already waiting to be paired in my phone’s Bluetooth settings and if your phone is anything like mine, you’ll also be presented with an option to allow the earbuds to keep your phone unlocked. It does get a little more complicated if you decide to unpair them to pair with another device though, since you have to reset the pairing which the manual says is done by double pressing each bud separately but I found it responded better if I just held down on one of them.

Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to using them for their sound I’d recommend you turn the volume down on your phone before you go answering any calls, if the person on the other end is quite loud it’s going to feel like an assault on the ear drums. Other than that, when you have the volume at a comfortable level the other person is easy and clear to hear with no audible distortion, though they do seem to pick up quite a bit of background noise at higher volumes. As well as allowing for calls, you can also listen to music or other media through them, though not being much of a music fanatic I mainly used them just to watch videos on YouTube. The Edifier TWS5 earbuds feature a touch control on them so you can touch them while they’re in your ear to answer a call, they can also be touched to pause and play any media you have coming through them, it can be a little sensitive though so I found I would accidentally pause and play videos a couple of times before getting it right.

Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds

One thing I would say that might be a big issue for some is the fact that they unfortunately don’t have any kind of volume control so if you plan to use these while driving it’s probably a good idea to make sure they’re at a comfortable volume before setting off on your journey.


Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds

Edifier TWS5 True Wireless Earbuds - Up to 32 Hour Battery Life with Mic and Charging Case, Bluetooth v5.0 aptX, IPX5 Splash & Sweatproof, Easy Pairing - Black
  • IMPROVED TRUEWIRELESS STEREO PLUS - Experience truly wireless freedom without losing sound quality. Offers improved signal distance and easy pairing of both earbuds simultaneously.
  • CONNECT UP TO 30FT (10M) AWAY WITH BLUETOOTH 5.0 WITH QUALCOMM aptX - For reliable, high quality streaming from wireless devices.
  • NOISE ISOLATING EARBUDS WORK ALONE OR TOGETHER - Use one or both earbuds without losing sound channels
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH TOUCH CONTROLS AND MIC - Comfortable to wear and easy to adjust playback. Multiple ear tip sizes for the best fit. Built-in mic with Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology for clearer voice quality.
  • UP TO 32 HOURS PLAYBACK WITH CHARGING CASE - Enough battery to get you through your busy day and then some.


To Conclude

Though small they are hardy and well made and they have a premium look and feel to them, even the way they dock into the charger is pretty cool. Though to be honest, my only other experience with wireless earphones has been with some cheap ones bought from Wish and while they may look like they’d do the job and come in at a very tempting price, you’d only wind up disappointed if you went the cheap route so I’d definitely recommend spending more and getting something more worthwhile like these Edifier TWS5 earbuds.
It’s important to note that if you’re in the market for an Edifier audio device to use as a headset for a games console, you’ll be better off going with one of Edifier’s USB solutions as these won’t work for consoles due to the use of Bluetooth.
If you’d like to more details about these Edifier TWS earbuds  or look into buying a pair for yourself you can visit this link, or if you want to see some of the other things Edifier has on offer you can visit their website.

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