Edifier S50DB Soundbar Review

The Edifier S50DB soundbar is one of the latest entries in Edifier’s vast range of audio entertainment devices. It’s been designed as a soundbar that can be either sat in front of a T.V or above it on a wall. As well as the typical wired connections, it also features Bluetooth connectivity. It currently retails with a price point of £249.99, which is surprisingly good value when you look at the specifications, which I have listed below.

  • POWER OUTPUT L/R (treble): 12W+12W RMS
    L/R (mid-range&bass): 32W+32W RMS
  • NOISE LEVEL≤25dB (A)
    LINE IN2: R/L:550±50mV
    OPT/COA: R/L:500±50mFFS
    Bluetooth: R/L:700±50mFFS
  • BASS UNIT4 inch (116mm)
  • TWEETER UNITΦ13mm silk dome tweeter

The first thing I noticed about this soundbar, especially when compared to the Cinesound B3 (also by Edifier) is how big it is. With dimensions of 113 x 13.7 x 11 cm, this is one large looking soundbar, however, that’s not a bad thing, as the size is mostly down to the gear that runs the show, such as the four 70mm mid-bass range units and two tweeters amongst other stuff that audiophiles dream of.

That big and bulky look also sits well with the sturdy dark oak wood finish which adds a lot of class to the design. There’s also an option to remove the grills for a bare look that exposes the various drivers and other audio gear powering the show. In all honesty, the Edifier S50DB looks much nicer with the grills installed. I say grills because the front section is divided in the middle by a small LCD display and a dial which has various functions and sitting at each side of this control area is a removable fabric covered grill.

The small LCD display I mentioned above serves as a small information panel that tells you the volume when you adjust it and the mode when you switch between modes. When a mode is selected the display switches to an animated graphic equalizer.

A recessed area around the back of the soundbar is home to the unremovable plug and to various connections for different input/output options, which are as follows.

  • Optical out
  • Coaxial
  • Line in (red and white)
  • Aux in
  • Subwoofer out

There’s not much more going on around the back, although there is a set of mounting clips which work in tandem with a rather basic but functional mounting bar that comes included in the box. The bar is nothing special but its simplicity makes installing and using it as easy as counting to three. The fact a mounting bar comes included in the box is also a nice little touch, that shows Edifier is thinking about the options its customers have.

If you choose to not mount the Edifier S50DB soundbar on a wall, you can simply place it in front of your T.V. A set of two large rubber feet at the front paired with a set of two smaller ones at the back gives the soundbar the stability it needs to prevent it moving about during use.

As is normal with Edifier products, the Edifier S50DB soundbar comes with a remote control included. I’m 50/50 on my opinion of the included remote because it looks good and its circular shape is different to the typical rectangular shaped remote, but at the same time the circular shape makes using it quite awkward. For example, it’s easy to pick up the wrong way round and instantly press the wrong button and also the shape means all the buttons are in a circular formation which puts them really close to each other, which again leads to accidentally pressing the wrong button. So while I like the look of the remote, I feel that in use it’s rather frustrating.

As well as the various wired connection options available, the Edifier S50DB soundbar also packs Bluetooth wireless connectivity that allows the user to connect a device such as a smart phone to the soundbar without the need for wires. As is the case with Bluetooth devices nowadays the initial pairing of a device with the soundbar is a rather quick and easy task, especially if you’ve done it before.

During my time with the Edifier S50DB I have had it connected to a PlayStation 4 for gaming and movies as well as my smart phone for music. I connected it to my PlayStation 4 using the optical connection, while my smart phone is connected using Bluetooth.

For gaming the audio experience is really good, I have been playing a lot of Need For Speed recently and have to say I am impressed, everything from the game music to the engine noises sounds amazing coming through the Edifier S50DB soundbar. The experience feels truly immersive and really brings the game to life where the audio is concerned.

Whilst watching movies, the same results occur. The experience is immersive, especially in action-packed films that are prone to moments of audio madness. It’s almost like having a cinema in my front room. So far I have watched about 15 movies whilst the soundbar has been in use and not once has it disappointed me.

Of course, the thing I love most when it comes to audio is music and whilst most soundbars are tuned well to deal with movies, most don’t cope so well with music, fortunately, that’s not the case with the Edifier S50DB soundbar, which sounds just as good as music dedicated speakers when blasting music from my library. Words are clear, the beats are rich and the bass can be felt through the entire downstairs floor of my house. Even at high volumes, the audio remains clear with no noticeable distortion causing unwanted disturbances to the audio. I honestly cannot get over how good music sounds through this soundbar.

The Edifier S50DB soundbar is an amazing bit of home theatre kit. Its design is gorgeous with a mixture of modern combined with elegance thanks to the dark oak wood used on the outside, while the audio it produces is fantastic, even when it comes to playing music. At £249.99 it really does feel like a bargain that not worth missing.


  • Elegant design
  • Great audio quality
  • Several input options
  • Good price


  • Remote is awkward to use
  • Removing the fabric grill taints the otherwise gorgeous style of the speaker