Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speaker Review

Edifier R1850DB Review has recently decided to add a new member to its already impressive bookshelf speaker lineup and in doing so it has created a speaker that combines an old-school design with the latest technology. The Edifier 1850DB bookshelf speaker set features Bluetooth 4.0 as well as digital audio input, analog input RCA input.

Listed below are bestselling Edifier R1850DB Review which satisfy both affordability and quality.

With a slightly slanted appearance, the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set offers a striking style that certainly sets it aside from the more typical box style usually associated with speakers of this type. There’s no denying that these look good in many different settings. You can have them next to a PC, on a bookshelf, near your T.V or even on a sideboard and they still don’t fail to look great.

Edifier R1850DB Active

The build quality is great and the overall impression is that this is a solid set of speakers. An MDF wooden case protects the drivers, while also ensuring the audio quality remains undisturbed. The sides of the speakers are finished with a wood grain effect, while the top and bottom go with a more smooth matt finish. Both speakers also feature a removable front plate, should you want to set them up with the drivers on show.

While both speakers look pretty much the same there are a few small differences, for example, the right speaker is home to a built-in a control panel on the rear, while at the front it features an IR receiver for the included remote.

Edifier R1850DB Active

Talking of the control panel, it is home to various ports and three dials as well as a power switch and mains connection. Connections options here include three analog inputs for AUX and PC connections, an optical cable connection and even a subwoofer connection point if you want to add some more oomph to your audio experience. Another connection point is present at the bottom of the speaker and this is for connecting the left and right speakers to each other. Instead of using traditional speaker cabling here, Edifier has opted to go for XLR connection instead. This offers better quality audio but does mean that finding a replacement cable to position the speakers much further apart is slightly harder and most costly.

The three dials on the back of the speaker each have their own purpose. One is for changing the bass level, another is for the treble and lastly the volume dial which can also be pressed in to switch between the different output options.

A remote control is included in the box. It features 14 buttons and is a small-sized rectangular shape. It works quite well and I have found the buttons to be responsive to every one of my touches. i must say it’s also easier to use the remote as accessing the rear panel of the speaker requires moving it about, which is annoying, particularly when the speaker is in a tight space.

While there are plenty of connection options with the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set, the one that has found the most use in my household is the Bluetooth connection. Coming with Bluetooth 4.0 the speakers offer a hassle-free way to wirelessly listen to music. Setting the speakers up with my phone through Bluetooth was a quick and painless experience that took me no longer than 30 seconds from start to finish.

One thing Edifier speakers never seem to disappoint me on is their sound quality and I am happy to say the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set is no exception to this. The audio is quite clear with no shortness of details. The bass, when cranked to its fullest, is a tad bit much, but given that this can be adjusted, there’s no real problem. At the right level, the bass is perfect and certainly sends a slight tremble throughout my front room floor. The treble which is also adjustable is just perfect in my opinion, no matter how I have it set it just seems to be quite good.

Edifier R1850DB Active

When it comes to the audio there’s no doubt the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set has been created by people with a good ear for audio quality. Even at its loudest the audio produced is free of any noticeable distortion and other nasty effects.

Overall the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set offers a whole lot of bang for the money. I should mention these come with an RRP £159.99, which I can easily say is a decent price for this set of speakers. Their design is gorgeous and their performance is simply fantastic. Another decent set of speakers from a company who knows what it takes to make a decent set of speakers.


  • Great design
  • Fantastic audio
  • Decent price


  • Slightly harder and more costly if you prefer more distance between the left and right speakers

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity is simple and even technophobes can get to grips with it.

To enable Bluetooth mode you can select the relevant button on the remote control unit, or you can press the main volume control knob on the active speaker.

A light on the front of the active speaker will change colour to show what the current input mode is. This light will change to blue when you are in Bluetooth mode.

I think the lights could do with being a little brighter, the issue only presents itself in day time. At night, it’s fine.


For around £159 / $200 you’d be hard pressed to find a better set of speakers. Especially ones with a rich feature set like these have. They’re really strong and they feel like they’ll last absolutely ages.

It’s such a shame that these are just loan units, as I didn’t want to let them go. They’re really really good and when the sun is shining, the BBQ is on there is little else you’d need, other than a good sound system and the Edifier R1850DB’s hit the nail on the head.

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