Edifier R1580MB 2.0 Speaker System Review

Edifier’s range of speakers is vast and wide with some costly options and some wallet-friendly options, the Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system falls in the latter category costing less than £90.00, oh and it doubles as a PA system thanks to two microphone inputs.

Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth and Optical Input - 2.0 Studio Monitor Speaker - Built-in Amplifier with Subwoofer Line Out
  • DIGITAL / ANALOG INPUTS – RCA/Aux for PC turntables etc Optical/Coaxial for lossless connection Bluetooth for convenience
  • BLUETOOTH V4 0 - Latest wireless technology for playing from phones tablets or laptops
  • TREBLE/BASS CONTROL SUB-LINE OUT Adjust bass treble volume and toggle inputs on rear panel Need a little more oomph. Add a subwoofer to your 2 0 setup by simply connecting to the sub-out jack
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – Handy compact remote control for input selection volume adjustment and track control (Bluetooth)
  • 2 YEAR - high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labor for two years


  • AUX:550±50mV
  • Bluetooth:550±50mFFS;
  • MIDRANGE & BASS UNIT:4″ (116мм);
  • TREBLE UNIT:1⁄2 inch (13mm)
  • INPUT TYPE:1/4”, AUX, RCA, Bluetooth v4.0


Unlike some of Edifier’s other speakers, the R1580MB 2.0 speaker system comes in one color choice and that is black. So if you’re after something less dark for your desk, you’ll have to check out some of Edifier’s other offerings.

A 100% MDF wooden enclosure gives the speakers a simple yet eye-pleasing design that allows them to sit nicely on any desk or surface without creating a distraction. The MDF enclosure also ensures that acoustic resonance is kept at a minimum.

 Edifier R1580MB Active

Both speakers feature a removable fabric covered grill that can be left on or taken off, whatever your preference. With the grills removed you are able to freely see what sits underneath them. In this case, there’s a tweeter, a woofer and a bass reflex vent, also visible on the right speaker is an infrared receiver for the included remote control.

Located on the side of the right speaker is a control panel with three dials, including a volume/input dial and two microphone dials. The volume/input dial works in the same way as many other Edifier speakers. To change the input you press it, and to adjust the volume you simply turn it.

 Edifier R1580MB Active

Around the rear of the right speaker is the input panel, that also features a bass adjustment dial, which hasn’t been put with the other dials on the side. In terms of ports, you will find the bare basics here, including PC/AUX ports, microphone connections and the left speaker connection point. Unfortunately, the R1580MB lacks Optical connection as an option.

Connecting the right and left speaker is done using plain old speaker cable, which makes replacing the cable if it wears out so much easier than the 5-Pin cable found with some of the other Edifier speakers.

The included remote control is easy to use, with marked buttons that are well spaced apart for easy comfortable access. From this remote you are able to adjust the volume, change between different inputs, play/pause audio and skip music.


As is commonplace in most of Edifier’s speaker, the Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system includes Bluetooth as a connectivity option. As is usual, the connection is very reliable with no dropouts as long as the device and speakers are within a decent range of each other. I have had this set connected to my T.V via Bluetooth for YouTube music and have not once had any issues.


Overall the audio quality offered by the Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system is pretty good, while not something and audiophile would find amazing, what you get for the price is pretty impressive.

Bass is lacking a bit and with no external sub connection, you can’t expand on what’s there. This means some songs that rely heavily on bass aren’t portrayed as well as they would be on something with beefier bass.

 Edifier R1580MB Active

Vocals, on the other hand, are very well-played here, with clarity and no loss of words occurring. It’s safe to say I hear every lyric with ease and what’s more impressive is that distortion is not noticeable even at higher volumes.

With bass and treble adjustment dials present, it’s easy to set audio up to your taste, although I pretty much just leave these unaltered with a middle balance setting on each dial.

I have been unable to test the microphone features as I don’t have the correct microphone for the job.


The Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system is another fantastic addition to Edifier’s large selection of bookshelf speakers. Priced under £90 the set represents good value for money.


  • Simple build
  • Low price
  • Distortion-free audio at high volumes


  • Lacking a bit in the bass department
  • No optical connection

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