Edifier Prisma E3350BT Desktop Speaker System Review

The Edifier Prisma E3350BT desktop speaker system is a system that refuses to be ‘normal’, with normal in this instance meaning the usual rectangular or cube shape of speakers we are used to seeing. The use of the name ‘Prisma’ should be a dead giveaway to the fact this system makes use of a triangular shape. The system also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well as the usual wired option.

Edifier USA Prisma Encore 2.1 Bluetooth Audio (4001031)
  • Bluetooth pairing capability with A2DP & AVRCP profile support
  • Total Power: 64 watts (subwoofer: 40w | satellites 12w each)
  • 2 way satellite speaker with 3 inch mid-range unit and Ф19mm silk dome tweeter
  • Subwoofer with UV gloss coating and down-firing 5 inch driver
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume & playback

What I love most about the Edifier Prisma E3350BT desktop speaker system is the design, in particular, the design of the subwoofer. Typically subwoofers are made to be hidden out of sight and out of mind, which means they’re usually a boring looking cube or a rectangle box, the Prisma E3350, however, takes on a more elegant style in the shape of a pyramid, well pyramid minus a pointy top. This style makes it look pretty sweet on my sideboard, however, using it with my PC is a bit awkward since space on my desk is limited and therefore not very welcoming to a pyramid-shaped subwoofer.

Edifier Prisma E3350BT Desktop Speaker System Review

The two satellite speakers share the same pyramid shape, although are much smaller than the subwoofer. They are both connected to each other with a built-in cable that splits at the end to form a connector for the subwoofer.

Despite having a pyramid shape, which leans towards an Egyptian theme, the overall style is more modern and sleek, thanks to a gloss finish and curves in all the right places.

Controls are taken care of from two areas. One is a wired control puck that connects to the subwoofer using an interface similar to something you’d find on an old PC monitor. The puck is home to a large dial that is used to adjust the volume, it’s also home to an input port and headphone jack. The dial is surrounded by a LED light that reminds you it’s powered up.

Edifier Prisma E3350BT Desktop Speaker System Review

The second control area is the subwoofer itself which is home to a power button on the top, a bass dial on the bottom and four connection points. The four connection points include a line in for an external device, a line out for the two speakers, an 18v power connection point and lastly a connection point for the control puck. This is where the only issue with this design choice is visible. The port and dial locations on the base of the subwoofer make accessing them a bit awkward, so awkward in fact it requires lifting the thing up to connect the external device cable or adjust the bass dial properly. I can’t help but feel Edifier could have at least put the bass dial on the puck with the volume dial.

The audio output from the Edifier Prisma E3350BT desktop speaker system is quite good, I wouldn’t say great, simply because its not great as there are a few small issues amongst the good things. The bass starts off as nothing with dial all the way down, but adjusting it to full, does give it some effect, although it’s rather a basic effect that isn’t overbearing. The volume level is also lower than what I like, and I like loud music, however, it’s enough for a small-sized room, if you aren’t all about the loudness. On a positive note, the audio is clear, through both Bluetooth and wired connections, even at it’s loudest, there’s no distortion.

Currently sold for £96.43 on Amazon in the U.K, the Edifier Prisma E3350BT desktop speaker system is worth the thoughts of anyone who is looking for a decent, good-looking system with good enough audio for a small room.


  • Elegant style
  • Good enough audio
  • Decent price


  • Awkward port/bass dial location
  • Hard to position for use with a PC

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