Edifier P265 Earbuds Review

Earphones are an essential part of my everyday life, I never leave the house on my own without a pair and my phone to listen to music while out and about. No ordinary boring set of earphones will do though, no they need to be comfortable and provide decent sound. So are the Edifier P265 earbuds any good?

Edifier P265 Earbuds Review: Specifications

  • CONNECTOR:3.5mm Stereo
  • ACCESSORIES:Silicon ear buds (2 pairs)

Edifier P265 Earbuds Review: Design

The P265’s are a wired set of earphones, that use a 3.5mm audio jack connection to connect to the source device. The cable length is a generous 1.3m long, which is plenty for free unrestricted movement of the cable between your ears and device carrying pocket. Unfortunately, the cable isn’t of the flat variety, which means it does tangle quite easily when the earphones are left in a pocket or bag.

An in-line remote/microphone is present below the left earpiece. Its position if far enough up to comfortably reach with my hand, although I do find it’s far too close to my eyes when I grab it, which makes seeing the buttons a bit tricky.

Instead of a metal housing surrounding the drivers, each earpiece has a plastic housing that does this job. While it’s certainly not as good as metal, Edifier has done a nice job of ensuring this plastic housing has a nice enough finish to ensure it doesn’t look cheap and tacky.

When it comes to comfort, these earphones aren’t bad at all. They come with a few sets of silicone ear tips, although I have had to only use the pre-installed ones. They sit nicely in my ears, even for prolonged periods of use.

Edifier P265 Earbuds Review: Audio quality

In terms of audio quality, these earphones, do a solid job for such a cheap set, although there are one or two little niggles. The bass is set to a decent level, while treble is the same, however in terms of volume, I feel they could be a little bit louder. I have tried these earphones with a few different mobile devices and while results were varied, I didn’t get ”just right” feeling.

Clarity is very good, with no noticeable distortion and every lyric is clear to the ear with no missed sounds or beats ruining the overall experience. This tends to be the same across different genres of music, as I have found, which means the earphones are well adapted to my multiple music tastes.

Edifier P265 Earbuds Review: Overall

While I certainly wish the volume was a bit louder, I can’t argue against the fact that these earphones deliver brilliant sound quality, when you realize they only cost £14.99 to purchase from Amazon UK. Design-wise they also look the part and offer an almost premium like feel, even though the ear tips are made using plastic, rather than a lightweight metal.


  • Well made with a stunning design
  • In-line remote
  • Decent sound quality
  • Low price point


  • None-flat cable tangles easily
  • A bit low on the volume