Edifier Luna E255 Surround Sound Speaker Set Review

The Edifier Luna E255 surround sound speaker set is a 5.1 surround system complete with Dolby and DTS decoders. If you’ve ever seen the Edifier Luna HD speakers, then this setup will look quite similar plus three speakers of course. Unfortunately, though, unlike the Luna HD, the E255 is missing Bluetooth connectivity.

Edifier USA e25HD Luna Eclipse HD 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers with Digital Optical Input (Black)
  • Powered digital speaker system for TV and home entertainment
  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Versatile connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, Digital optical and Auxiliary input
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standby
  • Electronic crossover & dedicated power amp to each tweeter & bass driver and DSP and DRC for enhanced audio performance and distortion control

Inside the very heavy package, you get all of the following. Two front speakers, two rear speakers, one center speaker and a very heavy subwoofer. Also included are all the cables and plugs you’ll require such as AUX cable and optical cable, instructions and a remote, although my review unit seems to be missing its remote.

Edifier e255 Luna

When it comes to styling their speakers, Edifier rarely makes a mistake and that is shown with the Edifier Luna E255 surround speaker set. The whole damn set is stunningly beautiful with a modern sleek design that put plenty of others to shame. It’s easy to see that Edifier has designed this set to be seen by people and hidden away behind a TV. Each speaker has a glossy plastic shell colored either in red or black (my review unit is the black set). A glossy finish does mean that these gorgeous looking speakers also attract fingerprints too easily.

Edifier e255 Luna

While the two front and two rear speakers all pretty much look the same, there are some differences, for example, the two rear speakers are wireless and each requires their own power source to operate, while the two front speakers each connect to main center speaker which provides a source of power directly to each one from its own mains connection. One thing I do think would have been better would have been to use a wire to bridge the two wireless rear speakers, therefore only requiring one plug socket.

The center speaker itself is where all the magic happens. It deals with all the connections including the two wired speakers, two wireless speakers, and the wireless subwoofer as well as the input from different audio sources oh and its also a speaker. On the front between the two drivers and just below the tweeter is a nifty little LCD display, which shows the volume, input connection in use and decoder status.

On top of the center speaker is a set of four touch-sensitive buttons which can be sued to power the speakers on or off, change the input mode, adjust the volume and change the track. A remote is also included, although my review set’s is missing.

Edifier e255 Luna

Present around the rear of the center speaker is the input connections panel. There are three optical connection points, a DC in connection, an AUX connection and connection points for both the right and left front speakers.

Edifier e255 Luna

The subwoofer is quite large and quite heavy, but still maintains the modern sleek look that the rest of the set provides. Since it’s wireless the only cable that connects to it, is that of the mains plug and rather than having this stick out of the rear, Edifier has cleverly hidden it underneath in a deep recess meaning it’s still possible to have the subwoofer on a flat surface.

Edifier e255 Luna

One issue I have is in regards to cabling. While the Edifier Luna E255 surround sound speaker set is wireless, it only really applies to the rear speakers and the subwoofer, which all require their own power sources, that’s three cables right there. You then have the two front speakers which each connect individually to the center speaker, making five cables, then obviously the center speaker needs a power source, that’s six cables and lastly, you’ve all the external device connections. So many cables equals a lot of mess that needs to be hidden and tucked away and that’s only really possible you have the means to do so.

I have to say I am very impressed with the audio produced by the Edifier Luna E255 surround sound speaker set. Whether I’m using it to listen to music or watch a movie, it blows me away. I’m no audio expert but I know good audio when I hear it.

I currently have it connected directly to my T.V using the optical input so have been using it while watching movies from Netflix. The inclusion of Dolby Pro Logic II means it’s easy to have an almost cinema-like experience when watching content through apps like Netflix. Action films sound so much more realistic, with gun sounds feeling real and explosions shaking the room. The Edifier Luna E255 surround sound speaker set uses it’s 5.1 setup quite well to ensure that Dolby Pro Logic II is utilised extremely well.

Edifier e255 Luna

Since I am more of a music person than a movie guy, speakers have to be good when it comes to blasting out tunes. Thankfully this set is fantastic at that, but in all honesty, Edifier has a tendency to make sure their speakers sound excellent. The volume is brilliant and even at its highest it’s hard to notice any distortion at all, it’s just so smooth and fluent. The subwoofer pumps out the bass at a decent level while providing a floor-shaking experience which is good for both music and making movies feel more realistic.

Edifier has produced, yet again, another fantastic home audio setup with the Edifier Luna E255 surround sound speaker set. The style is gorgeous, while the audio produced is almost cinema-like. Too many cables is a bit of an issue for me, but not enough to stop me enjoying and recommending the set. Another slight disappointment is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity to connect my phone wirelessly, it was present on the Luna HD, So I’m not too sure why the E255 is lacking it.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Dolby Pro Logic II


  • Too many plugs and cables
  • Lack of Bluetooth

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