Edifier E235 Luna E Review

Consisting of two moderately sized satellite speakers and a much larger 5.8Ghz wireless subwoofer as well as boasting features such as Bluetooth connectivity and THX, the Edifier E235 Luna E speaker system is designed to be hooked up to your T.V for an almost cinematic audio experience. Given that it’s got Bluetooth too, it can also be hooked up wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled device to go beyond just a normal TV 2.1 sound system.

Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse (White)
  • Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices and wireless remote for volume and power
  • Touch sensitive controls for volume, play/pause, previous/next track and standby
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices. Frequency response - 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)
  • Incorporation of DSP and DRC for enhanced audio performance and distortion control and electronic crossover and dedicated power amplifier to each tweeter and bass drivers
  • 3 inch bass driver and Ф19mm silk dome tweeter in each speaker and dual 2 inch x 3 inch passive bass radiators for enhanced bass effect in each speaker

The first thing I should mention is the price, which is as low as £399.99 on websites such as Overclockers. That said you can buy a set that takes away the subwoofer and gives you just the two satellite speakers and in this case, you’ll pay between £150 to £200.

Edifier E235 Luna E Review

As I mentioned, the Edifier E235 Luna E consists of three main speakers. The first and most noticeable due to its sheer size and extremely heavyweight is the subwoofer, which weighs roughly 22 pounds. This is so heavy that it makes carrying the packaging safely a two-man job. There’s a good reason for this weight though, as the subwoofer is packing two 8” drivers combined with a built-in 100-watt amplifier. The only port present on the subwoofer is a power in port. Since it uses wireless technology to connect to the two satellites, no additional cabling is required, which is a bonus, as it means setting up the subwoofer at a distance from the satellites is possible.

The two satellite speakers are of course much lighter and a lot smaller than their subwoofer counterpart. Each satellite speaker consists of one 3/4” tweeter and a 3” driver. Both are similar in looks to each other, although the right one is home to all wired connection ports and a set of three touch-sensitive buttons. The only port present on the left is the port that connects the two speakers together.

Edifier E235 Luna E Review

Although there are a set of three buttons, on the right speaker, a remote is included and in all honesty, it’s best to use the remote to get the full experience. It’s a small pocket-friendly remote with nine buttons. It can be used to adjust the subwoofer effect, turn up the volume, switch between different listening modes and switch between different sound effects. Its small size does mean it’s very easy to lose.

Setting the Edifier E235 Luna E speaker set up is incredibly easy. Pairing the satellites with the Subwoofer is simply a case of turning them on and plugging the subwoofer in as they automatically pair to each other. Bluetooth connectivity is also quite simple, as it follows the general rules when it comes to pairing your phone with a Bluetooth device. As for setting up using cables, again really simple to do with no tricky parts.

Edifier E235 Luna E Review

There’s no denying that the Edifier E235 Luna E speaker set has amazing sound. It’s rich and clear and with the subwoofer, the bass is strong and deep enough to have the floor shaking. The best sound experience comes from using the set to watch movies in my opinion as it creates an almost cinematic-like experience, that includes a sense of being there in the movie. That’s not to say they aren’t good for music, because, in all honesty, they are good for music and certainly do blow away a lot of other speakers I have used.

Edifier E235 Luna E Review

Overall the Edifier E235 Luna E speaker set offers an amazing experience, particularly when it comes to watching and listening to movies. With several connectivity options and Bluetooth, the set has been designed to give the user as many choices as possible for sound sources, which is always welcome in my book. Listening to music through these is by no means bad, in fact, they’re pretty good and do blow away a lot of other systems I have used over the years.


  • Easy to set up
  • Remote included
  • Various connection options including Bluetooth
  • An almost cinematic-like experience


  • Small remote can be easy to lose

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