Auna Moving PA System Review

The Auna moving PA system is a portable multimedia speaker system on wheels. It has been designed to enable you to take the party with you. Whether it’s in the garden, at home or on a street, the Auna moving PA system has you covered. It features multiple audio input connection options including Bluetooth, USB and SD card as well as the standard cable connection and even an FM radio. It also works with a wireless microphone that comes included in the package.

Auna Moving PA

When it comes to the design, the Auna moving PA system follows the typical design you see with speakers often used by DJ’s and bands. It’s shaped like a square box and features wheels as well as an extendable handle that makes it possible to pull it along.

The housing is made from the standard MDF material and finished with black as the primary color. While the main housing is MDF, the edges have been covered with a plastic material that has been finished with a shiny black as opposed to the matt like black on the MDF housing. There are also Chrome corner guards on both sets of the top and bottom corners.

With dimensions of  38 x 43 x 32 cm (w x h x d) this isn’t too big of a speaker. This makes it easy to load into the back of a car or even drag along on a bus. It’s also not too heavy as it only weighs about 10.5 Kg. With an indented carry handle on each side, picking it up is very easy.

At the front of the speaker is the grille cover which features the white Auna branding in the center. Under this grill and just visible when viewed from the correct angle is the setup that makes the audio magic happen. This includes a 35 watt rated 8-inch subwoofer, a 3-inch tweeter and a wind tunnel.

Running across the top of the front of the Auna moving PA system just above the speaker grille cover is a control panel area that is home to six dials for various adjustments from microphone volume to bass level, a seven-band graphic equalizer, an LED display, audio control buttons, a USB port, an SD card slot, a microphone in port, a guitar in port, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack and lastly a series of LED lights.

At the back of the system is the main input panel which is home to the AUX in connection point, an adjustable antenna which is used for the FM radio feature, a power switch, an AC in for a plug and a DC12v connection point for powering the speaker by an external battery.

The bottom is home to two wheels at the back and a set of stubs at the front. In the center is a hole that is used to mount the speaker onto a speaker stand to raise it much higher than ground level if you desire to do this.

Inside the PA system is a rechargeable battery, which can be accessed from a panel screwed onto the side. This battery is a 12V battery similar to what you’d find in a child’s ride in electric car. It is charged using the supplied mains adapter and offers up to 5 hours of playback, which isn’t bad considering this is a beefy little system. If you are out for more than five hours and need an extra bit of power, you can easily hook the system up to an external battery using the provided crocodile clip cables, which slot into a port similar to a speaker cable port on the rear of the system.

While the PA system itself looks great and is well made, the included microphone does feel like it doesn’t belong with the system. I say this because it looks and feels quite cheap in comparison. I also find myself having to cup the top with my hand just to make it pick up my voice. The microphone is powered by two AA batteries which are housed in the bottom of it. It’s really easy to use as there’s no awkward setup required. You simply turn it on and it pairs with the system automatically.

Auna Moving PA

Also included is a remote control. Although this is pretty basic and like the microphone looks and feels cheap when compared to the PA system itself. It features several buttons and has all the basic functions to enable you to control things like volume and track control.

When it comes to music audio quality, it’s clear to see that the Auna moving PA system is a fantastic speaker. It produces great audio no matter what audio source is in use. With the preset equalizer settings in play (each one at the top) the speaker provides a loud clear audio playback packed with plenty of amazing qualities, such as a decent bass level and a clear treble. Adjusting these settings down or up allows you to create an audio playback experience to suit your needs.

Even at its loudest, the speaker produces clear audio that’s free of distortion and any other major quality issues. I will say however that sometimes the speaker lets out a little buzz that is only noticeable when a song is paused or turned all the way down to 0.

I mentioned earlier that the microphone requires me to cup my hand around the top of it, so it can pick up my voice. Well, that’s annoying, but when my hand is cupped around the microphone and it picks up my voice, it is delivered to the speaker instantly and the speaker portrays out clearly and with no issues. There are two dedicated microphone dials on the system itself, one for the volume and one for echo level.

Overall the Auna moving PA system is a fantastic moveable speaker. It features loads of connectivity options, a built-in battery and audio quality that is to die for. Its design means its easy to take out of the house and use it wherever you want to.


  • Built-in battery
  • Loads of connection options
  • Easy to transport
  • Great audio


  • Cheap remote and microphone
  • Sometimes gives a slight buzz with no audio playing