AMZdeal Neck And Shoulder Massager Review: Sit Down And Let It Do Its Thing


Welcome to my AMZdeal Neck and Shoulder Massager review. As someone who sits at the desk most of the time, I often find myself needing a good neck massage, but unfortunately, no one is around to do it for me, so I needed another method, which is where this strange but wonderful product comes into the picture.

Design and build quality:

The first time you see this in person, you will probably be thinking along the same lines as I was. All I could think was just how weird it looks. The top part looks like the headrest of a car seat in a cream coloured leather cladded car interior while reaching out at each side is a section that goes down over the shoulders and comes to a stop just below the breast area. Towards the bottom, these sections become large holes for putting your arms in so your hands are facing inwards toward your body. While this sounds very restricting, you can still move your hands a bit, for example, I am currently typing this as I am using the massager.

AMZdeal Neck And Shoulder Massager

The restriction is enough, however, to get in the way of other daily tasks such as writing and even driving. This does come with a plug for the car, but in all honesty, driving is a no-no while wearing this, you may be able to reach the wheel, but try reaching the gear stick or the handbrake and I’ll guarantee you’ll have no luck at all. If you must use this in a car, either be a passenger or pull up in a car park and use it while the car is stationary.

At the top of the left-hand arm section are three buttons. One of the buttons turns the massager on and off, another turns the heat function on and off and the last one changes the direction that the massage balls rotate in. On the back of the same section, but down at the bottom, this time, is a section of cable with a connection for the included plugs.

The top section is also home to the massage balls that sit behind a mesh covering. There are 8 massage balls altogether in this area. They are split into four at each side, with two large balls and two small balls.

The exterior cover of the product is made from a cream-colored faux leather material that gives it a stylish look. It really looks like something you’d find in a luxury car such as a Bently.

The overall build quality is extremely nice and the finish is superb. There’s no stitch out-of-place and the faux leather has remained unmarked during the journey through the factory right to my front door.

AMZdeal Neck And Shoulder Massager

In use:

If you have ever been to a massage therapist, then I have some sad news for you, which is that this is not as good as someone who’s been trained to use their hands. That’s not to say it’s no good because it actually is quite good at its job. At first, it did feel a bit weird but as I got used to it, I noticed my neck was feeling better and I had fewer issues with it. The heat mode is really good as well and comes in handy for cold days.

There a few little bugs, but nothing to do with performance, but more to do with design, such as the plug cable that easily disconnects if I move a bit, this means I have to keep myself very close to my desk. The next issue is the restrictions imposed by using this. As I said I can type on my keyboard and do other tasks, but some things such as writing or reading are very hard to do as my hands feel almost locked to my body.


This is a fantastic product that has really come in handy for my neck issues. It has a few small issues, but nothing too major to warrant being disappointed with it at all.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.