Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review of 2021


Welcome to my Amzdeal Doggy Steps review. these steps are brilliant for the owners of small dogs or other small pets such as cats. The steps enable small pets to climb onto their favorite chair all on their own.

Amzdeal Office Chair Casters Wheels - (Set of 5) 3" Heavy-duty Rollerblade Casters Computer Gaming Chair Wheels Replacement, Safe for Hardwood Floor, Smooth Rolling, 11mm Stem Diameter, Universal Fit
  • ⭐️UNIVERSAL FIT ON 99% CHAIRS: Stem size: diameter:7/16" or 11mm, stem length: 7/8" or 22mm, Amzdeal casters fit 99% office chairs such as Herman Miller Steelcase, Aeron, Dxracer, Humanscale Freedom, NOT FOR IKEA CHAIRS.
  • ⭐️SUPER SMOOTH AND SILENT ROLLING: You even can’t hear any sound. With 360° free rolling heads and stainless steel balls, you’ll feel the movement of casters feel like a silk. This chair wheels run freely on carpet, hardwood floor, tile......Screws on wheels are removable, so you can clean them when they get stuck.
  • ⭐️SAFE FOR HARDWOOD FLOOR: No need the chair mat anymore! The office wheels do not scratch or leave marks on surface of any floor. Note: it would make the office chair more higher 2-3cm.
  • ⭐️HEAVY-DUTY AND STURDY: Made of stainless steel and polyurethane, with larger bearing balls and higher quality, amdeal caster wheels load up to 350lbs (150kg) weight and has extreme resistance to abrasion . Our manufacture improved the wheels that made the wheels to be more stronger than before.
  • ⭐️📧TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE: We welcome every buyer to contact us when they have any question or suggestion for our product. Our customer support team will reply you and give you a satisfied option within 12 hours.
amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder Pet Feeder Cat Food Dispenser 4 Meals A Day with Timer Programmable Portion Control Voice Recorder 3L Capacity for Cats and Dogs
  • 🐱🐶【PROGRAMMABLE MEAL SIZE AND TIME】 Amzdeal automatic cat feeder can give your pets up to 4 meals per day. The meal size can be set 1 - 39 portions. 1 portion is about 5g (1/24 cup). So you can program the feeding size and time for your pets and help them on a diet.
  • 🐱🐶【BATTERIES AND ADAPTER POWERED】 Cat food dispenser is powered by adapter or batteries. You can use 3×D batteries (NOT included) as backup power in case the power goes out when you are gone. So your pets will be fed on time and you don’t need to re-program the cat feeder, too.
  • 🐱🐶【VOICE RECORDING 】 Amzdeal cat feeder can record your voice for 12 seconds and play it at meal time to call pets for meals, so she or he will not miss the meal when the food is ready.
  • 🐱🐶【PREVENT SPILL】 Designed with advanced technology to detect the food outlet, so the cat food dispenser can prevent the food from spilling and getting stuck.
  • 🐱🐶【WARM SATISFIED SERVICE】 Amzdeal always offers warm and satisfied customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us please. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied. 🙂
amzdeal Dog Dryer 2800W/3.8HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Grooming Blower, Home Use/Professional Pet Hair Force Blower Blaster with Heat System, Spring Hose, Blue
  • 🐶【HOME USE & PROFESSIONAL DRYER】 With 3.8hp/2800w power system, you can dry big dog with thick coat in a short time. Come with spring hose (1m/3ft to 2m/7ft) and 4 replacement airflow head, this pet dryer is very handy to blow pets’ hair in home. You will save tons of money and time.
  • 🐶【ADJUSTABLE SPEED & TEMPERATURE】 Adjustable air flow speed from 45m/s to 68m/s, cold and heated wind from 85℉ to 140℉ (30℃-60℃). This pet dryer can be used for all season.
  • 🐶【NOISE REDUCTION】The sound is <78dbs in condition of largest wind, The dog hair dryer is much lower than other blower in market. The fur babies will not be scare and escape while you dry their hairs.
  • 🐶【SAFE & DURABLE】Don’t worry about the safety. 3-pin USA standard plug and 110-120V voltage will match the electric system at home. Manufacture added the heat prevent on the the device and the hose. So people and pet will not be burned.
  • 🐶【TOP QUALITY & SERVICE】Welcome all customers to give us suggestion and using experience. Our customer support team opens to every buyers in store.
amzdeal Dog Dryer 3.8HP/2800W Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Hair Force Dryer Home Professional Pet Grooming Blower, Pet Dryer Blaster with Heat, Spring Hose, 4 Nozzles, Yellow
  • 🐕‍ STRONG HOME & PROFESSIONAL DRYER: 2800W strong power for large dogs with heavy and thick fur, such as Labrador, Samoyed, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Husky, Doodle, etc. You can dry your big dog within 40 minutes. Ideal for home and salon use.
  • 🐩 ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND TEMPERATURE: COLD AND WARM WIND options: cold wind 30℃/ 85℉ and warm wind 60℃/140℉. 45m/s to 68m/s stepless adjustable airflow speed. You can dry a pet with very thick coat in a shorter time. Amzdeal pet blaster dryer will be a handy and useful pet stuff for all seasons.
  • 🐈 QUALITY NOZZLES & SPRING HOSE: The hose can extend from 1m/3ft to 2m/7ft. Comes with 4 different nozzles to satisfy all drying demands and to make shiny hair for short and long hair dogs. Very handy to use.
  • 🐰 LOW NOISE & DURABLE DESIGN: With noise reduction device, this dog grooming dryer can effectively reduce noise, lower than 78 db, which won`t scare dogs. With insulation sleeve to prevent your hand from getting hurt. Rubberized feet keep the dryer stable when using.
  • 📬 TOP QUALITY & SERVICE: Amzdeal pet dryer is durable and sturdy for long term use. Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion or question for our product
amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder 6L Pet Feeder Dog Food Dispenser with Time and Meal Size Programmable, LCD Display and Meal Call Recorder Up to 4 Meals A Day
  • 🐱🐶【CUSTOMIZE FEEDING SIZE & TIME】Amzdeal automatic cat feeder provides 1 - 39 portions per meal, 12g (about 1/10 cup) for 1 portion and give your pets up to 4 meals a day at anytime. You can set the meal size and time by the control panel.
  • 🐱🐶【BATTERIES AND USB POWERED】 Cat food dispenser is powered by adapter or batteries. You can use 3×D batteries (NOT included) as backup power in case the power goes out when you are gone. So your pets will be fed on time and you don’t need to re-program the cat feeder, too.
  • 🐱🐶【DISASSEMBLE DESIGN, EASY TO CLEAN】 The cat food dispenser can be disassembled into 4 parts. Lid, food container, food bowl and LCD panel. Lid, food container and food bowl are washable, so it is easy for you to clean. The LCD is not washable. You can use a cloth to wipe it. Never wash the panel please.
  • 🐱🐶【VOICE RECORDING】 Automatic cat feeder can record your voice for 12 seconds to call pets for meals, so he/ she won`t miss the meal when they are sleeping or playing.
  • 🐱🐶【WARM SATISFIED SERVICE】 Amzdeal always offers warm and satisfied customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us please. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied. 🙂

Design and quality:

This set of steps consists of three steps that you put together yourself. They are made from plastic and come flat packed. Once built they do feel a bit unsteady, but if you read the title properly you’ll see these are for small animals, which actually rules my dog out, however, my neighbors actually have a small dog, so we tested it with their pet. I have mentioned this because other reviewers have mentioned the weakness, which in all honesty won’t have any effect on you if you stick to using them only for small pets. I know my huge dog would destroy these, but a small dog has no chance. I will say however there should be some support for the top step as this is where the most weakness is.

Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review

There’s also a sheepskin style cover included, so you don’t have to have the steps exposed fully, as they are kind of ugly on their own. This cover simply slips on and off of the steps and can be cleaned easily.

Setup and in use:

Setting these up wasn’t too hard. The included instructions weren’t in English, but the seller did send me some English instructions, which hopefully they will include in the set. Setting them up is quite easy once you get the hang of it and requires no tools at all. You simply slot the plastic parts together.

As I mentioned above the steps are not for my large dog, so instead I have used them with my neighbor’s small dog. The steps were tested getting the dog in and out of their car. The dog was able to easily climb up them and back down, with no problems at all.

Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review


These steps are no good for large animals but are perfect for small pets. They enable dogs to easily get in and out of cars, which is great if the owner has health issues that make it harder for them to lift their dog and put it back down, or perhaps your dog has health issues that make climbing in and out of cars a painful task.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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