Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review of 2021


Welcome to my Amzdeal Doggy Steps review. these steps are brilliant for the owners of small dogs or other small pets such as cats. The steps enable small pets to climb onto their favorite chair all on their own.

amzdeal Pet Snuffle Mat - Durable Feeding Mat (23" x 17") for Small & Large Dogs, Anti Slip Slow Feeding Mat, Machine Washable, Design for Pet Natural Foraging Skills and Stress Releasing, Any Breed
  • 🐶►A Dog Toy for Traning Hunting & Smell Skills: Amzdeal Snuffle Mat design is scientific and simple - the dense stripe simulates the lush grass scene in the wild and inspires dogs or puppies to dig and use their instinctive sense of smell to forage for food while stimulating curiosity. You just need to hide the treats in it to complete everything. When pets seek out treats and foods inside, the dog feeding mat will promote active hunting and feeding skills.
  • 🐶►Slow Feeding & Perfect for all kinds of dogs: Science has shown that eating too fast can easily lead to stomach problems. Putting each meal of dog food in the snuffle mat can effectively extend the dog’s eating time and make them healthier. With 23" x 17" of size, Our dog feeding mat is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. Easy to buy - no need to spend time to customize.
  • 🐶►High-quality safe cotton - Healthy & Durable: Made of high-quality safe cotton, amzdeal snuffle mat is healthy and safe for pets. You don’t have to worry about cotton strip being bitten by pets or even swallowed, and it is more durable. The darker color is not easy to get dirty, reducing cleaning times and decreasing the pressure of cleaning.
  • 🐶►Excellent Anti-Slip material - Safe & Stable: With non-slip drip plastic, our dog snuffle mat can effectively place the mat on the floor to prevent your loved dogs’injury from mat slide. It can keep stable on the floor to reduce the trouble of pets in eating due to pad' moving. Note:Try not to let the dogs drag and bite the mat during use, otherwise the cotton strips may fall off and the dogs may eat them.
  • 🐶►Machine Washable & Portable: Are you still busying the cleaning and storage of dog daily necessities? Amzdeal Machine washable Pet Snuffle Matis bring you more surprise. Just throw it into the washing machine. With lightweight and easy rolling up, random placement and carrying around are more convenient for daily use and family outdoor travel.

Design and quality:

This set of steps consists of three steps that you put together yourself. They are made from plastic and come flat packed. Once built they do feel a bit unsteady, but if you read the title properly you’ll see these are for small animals, which actually rules my dog out, however, my neighbors actually have a small dog, so we tested it with their pet. I have mentioned this because other reviewers have mentioned the weakness, which in all honesty won’t have any effect on you if you stick to using them only for small pets. I know my huge dog would destroy these, but a small dog has no chance. I will say however there should be some support for the top step as this is where the most weakness is.

Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review

There’s also a sheepskin style cover included, so you don’t have to have the steps exposed fully, as they are kind of ugly on their own. This cover simply slips on and off of the steps and can be cleaned easily.

Setup and in use:

Setting these up wasn’t too hard. The included instructions weren’t in English, but the seller did send me some English instructions, which hopefully they will include in the set. Setting them up is quite easy once you get the hang of it and requires no tools at all. You simply slot the plastic parts together.

As I mentioned above the steps are not for my large dog, so instead I have used them with my neighbor’s small dog. The steps were tested getting the dog in and out of their car. The dog was able to easily climb up them and back down, with no problems at all.

Amzdeal Doggy Steps Review


These steps are no good for large animals but are perfect for small pets. They enable dogs to easily get in and out of cars, which is great if the owner has health issues that make it harder for them to lift their dog and put it back down, or perhaps your dog has health issues that make climbing in and out of cars a painful task.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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