Ailihen I35 Folding Headphones Review: An Affordable Pair Of Headphones With Style


Welcome to my Ailihen I35 Folding Headphones review. I have been using these for a few weeks now to see how they fare in the world of budget headphones. I have had a good while with these now and am using the experience of using them for this review.

Design and quality:

The first thing I noticed about these is the cool color scheme options that are available. I have the light blue/purple version that consists of a light blue color taking about 95% of the handset while purple is used for the inside of the headband and some trims running around the earcups. This color scheme looks really nice and to be honest, I’m a fan of it. There are four other color schemes to choose from which are, grey/green, black/orange, purple/pink and black/pink.

As the product name says, these are foldable headphones. The earcups each fold inwards to create a U shape with two folded inwards circular podium shapes. Once folded the earphones easily push together which makes it very easy to store them in a pocket or a bag. Since they are already quite small there’s not too much of a size decrease when these are folded.

Ailihen I35 Folding Headphones Review

The cable on these is coated with a blue nylon fabric (color varies depending on color scheme chosen). The helps to carry on with the theme and color scheme of the headphones as well ensure the cable life is longer than a typical rubber coated cable. With a total length of 1.5m, the cable is long enough to reach from my head, down to my pants pocket, while still giving me some slack for moving my device around in my hands.

Part way down the cable and in very close proximity to my mouth is the built-in microphone complete with a phone answering button. This means you can answer calls without having to lift your phone out of your pocket and then easily continue to listen to your music when the call is done.

At first sight, I did assume these weren’t going to be too comfortable for me as they actually look quite small, so small in fact they look like children’s headphones. For this reason, I went back and analyzed the product listing and I couldn’t find any mention of these being for children so I proceeded to use them myself. As soon as I put them on for the first time, I was actually very surprised. Not only did they fit well, they also felt extremely comfortable and still do to this day. I will say the headband could be a bit thicker, though, but the earcups are very well padded.

These are made from plastic which is quite thick, but at the same time quite light. This gives them a tough enough body to take most head height falls while ensuring they are still light enough to carry around in a pocket or bag. The overall build quality is terrific and I really don’t have any issues to report on these.

Ailihen I35 Folding Headphones Review

Audio and microphone quality:

The sound produced by these headphones is quite good, not the best, but not bad either, I’d say in between with clear audio, but an, unfortunately, poor level of bass. As I love me some bass in my music, I really don’t like how low it is on these in comparison to other similarly priced headphones. With the exception of the bass, everything is fine in the audio department.

The microphone is fantastic and works really well. I have had no issues with it during phone calls and calls over WiFi or data connection. The person I am talking to is able to hear me quite well and in turn, I can hear them back quite well too.


These headphones are quite good. They look nice and feel well made. The audio is ok but the bass could be better. The microphone works really well and I have had no issues at all with it.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

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