6 Piece Pull Back Mini Construction Vehicles Review

Today I am looking at a 6 Piece Pull Back Mini Construction Vehicles Set, sold by Fun Mall.


There are 6 mini construction vehicles in this set. Each one is made using a high-quality plastic and in all honesty, it really shows as these feel quite strong and tough. Tough enough to withstand my three-year-old son. There’s no sharp edges or easily removable parts so I know my son is safe with these.

In this kit there are six different vehicles which are as follows:

  • A dumper truck
  • A crane
  • A cement mixer
  • A steam roller tractor
  • A large scoop tractor
  • A small scoop tractor

Each of these vehicles has a pull-back motor for hours of entertainment.

Piece Pull Back Mini Construction

In use:

I do have one gripe with these and it’s that the pull back motor doesn’t seem to perform well on anything other my wooden table of laminate flooring in my hall way. So while it does work well in these places, I’m disappointed that it doesn’t work so well on my carpet, which is the place my son is more likely to be playing with them. Of course, not a major issue but something I feel needed addressing none the less.

Other than that my son adores these vehicles and has already played with them for hours with his other construction vehicles. Since they are also colourful they really come in handy to help him learn his colours. In fact, I have incorporated them into his home education time along with a few other toys just for the colours.

Piece Pull Back Mini Construction


A brilliant set of fun little vehicles that have not only provided hours of fun for my son but have also come in very handy as an educational tool for learning colours. They are well-built and on the right surface, the pull back motor performs great.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.